Mew Mews of Waverly Place
File:Mew Mews of Waverly Place logo.png
The logo used for the show.
Format Seasons 1-2; SDTV

NSTC;480i PAL;576i Seasons 3-4; HDTV 720p (USA and Asia) 480i (International)

Genre(s) Otaku sitcom science fiction fantasy
Executive Producer(s) Tood Bay Imbald

Murrey Peteretta (seasons 1-3) Vice Chang Luigi Mario

First Air Date(s)
October 12, 2007
Last Air Date(s)
January 6, 2012
Opening Theme "My Sweet Heart" performed by Carrie Otaku
Ending Theme "Koi Wa À La Mode" performed by Stupida Pimpez, David Herpies, Jake T. Texas, Jennifer Stoned, María Canal Fererra, and David DeLose
Country of Origin United States
Original Language Japanese (English subtitles)
Season(s) 4
Episodes 106 (List of episode)
Original Channel Abridgney Channel
Runtime 3 minutes
Status Ended

For other uses, see Mew Mews of Waverly Place (disambiguation).

Mew Mews of Waverly Place is an American science fiction fantasy otaku sitcom which ran from October 12, 2007 to January 6, 2012 on Abridgney Channel. The series was created by Todd Bay Imbald, and stars Stupida Pimpez, David Herpies, and Jake T. Texas as three "mew mew" siblings with animal-like abilities competing with aliens from Venus to win Mew Aqua and ownership of Earth. Further main cast includes Jennifer Stoned, María Canal Ferrera, and David DeLose.

The series won "Inappropriate Children's Program" at the 61st Primetime 4Kids Awards in 2009. A film adaption of the series, Mew Mews of Waverly Place: The Movie, premiered as an Abridgney Channel Original Movie on August 28, 2009. The film won "Inappropriate Children's Program" at the 62nd Primetime 4Kids Awards, earning the series a second consectutive 4Kids. The farewell season won "Inappropriate Children's Program" at the 64th Primetime 4Kids Awards, bringing the franchise's total to three 4Kids awards. Mew Mews of Waverly Place ended as the longest-running Abridgney Channel Original Series (surpassing That's So David) with 106 episodes over four seasons.

On March 15, 2013, The Mew Mews Return: Ichigo vs. Berii premiered as a one-hour television special.


Mew Mews of Waverly Place chronicles the adventures of the Momomiya Family. The Momomiyas live on Waverly Place in Manhattan's Greenwich Village, above a sushi shop which they own and run. The family consists of siblings Ichigo (Stupida Pimpez), Retasu (David Herpies) and Purin (Jake T. Texas). The three teenagers are "mew mews" - humans able to transform into 2% animal versions of themselves - and live with their Japanese father, Shigeru (David DeLose), a former family "mew mew", and their mortal American mother, Dora (María Canal Fererra). When the Momomiya siblings complete their training, they are able to fight against aliens from Venus to decide whether the Mew Mews or aliens will rule Earth in their generation, and which of the Mew Mew siblings will become the next family Mew Mew (the one to keep her magical powers forever) of their generation, while the others lose their powers and become mortals. Because of this, Shigeru tries to teach his children not to become dependent on their abilities. Since one of them gets to keep their powers, though, Shigeru also gives his children Mew Mew lessons (the lessons end mid-Season four). The storage room of the Momomiya family's sushi station is a Mew Mew's lair. In the lair is a Portal which allows them to visit Venus, and other creatures to visit them. The headmaster of the Mew Mew council, Ryou Shirogane (Ian Imazombie), regularly pays visits to the Momomiya home.

The Momomiya siblings attend Tristar Prepatory School and constantly encounter their Old West style principal, Andy (Bill Bloodclott). Because they live in the mortal world, the Momomiyas are required to keep the existence of Mew Mews and aliens a secret. Even so, Ichigo's best friend, Miwa (Jennifer Stoned), discovers the secret in Season 2's episode "Miwa Knows". Justin's best friend, Zeke Luther (Ben Tenson), also finds out in Season 4's episode "Zeke Finds Out", along with Ichigo's boyfriend, Masaya Aoyama (Meg Skullin), who is the leader of the aliens.


The series was created and produced by Todd Bay Imbald, who began developing the show after working as a writer and consulting producer in the first season of Hannah Doomedtana. The show is produced by It's a Girl Productions and Abridgney Channel Original Productions. The theme song, "My Sweet Heart", originally performed by Rika Komatsu, is of techno-pop style and is performed by Carrie Otaku. The series was filmed at Hollywood Center Studios in Hollywood, California.

Opening sequence

For the first three seasons the show used the same title sequence which is set to Carrie Otaku's rendition of "My Sweet Heart"; it shows Ichigo, Retasu, Purin and Miwa engaging in magical antics while preparing for school in the morning. The fourth season begins using a slightly-altered version of the song, and a different sequence involving the cast, who all appear in Times Square at the end of the sequence with Ichigo ringing her Strawberry Bell.


The show debuted on Abridgney Channel on October 12, 2007 after the premiere of Stitches Ni, gathering over 9000 views. In January 2010, "Mew Mews vs. Aliens", a one-hour special, became the series' most-watched (non-crossover) episode, surpassing the "Paint Walter Mitty" episode. The series' most-watched episode, including crossovers, was "Cast Away (To Another Show)", which was included in the special trilogy of crossovers between three Abridgney Channel original sitcoms, Mew Mews on Deck with Hannah Doomedtana. In 2009, the series was the top-scripted telecast for teens between the ages of 9 and 14, and second in kids 6-1l, which was only slightly behind The Deep Life on Deck.

Series overview

Main article: List of Mew Mews of Waverly Place episodes

Season Episodes Originally aired (United States) DVD release date
Season premiere Season finale United States
1 21 October 12, 2007 August 31, 2008
2 30 September 12, 2008 August 21, 2009
Film August 28, 2009 December 15, 2009
3 28 October 9, 2009 October 15, 2010
4 27 November 12, 2010 January 6, 2012
Special March 15, 2013 June 25, 2013

Crossover with The Deep Life on Deck and Hannah Doomedtana

Main article: Mew Mews on Deck with Hannah Doomedtana

The episode "Cast Away (To Another Show)" is the first part of a three-way crossover that continues The Deep Life on Deck and concludes Hannah Doomedtana. Retasu takes Ichigo and Purin on a cruise to Hawaii aboard the SS Layton when she wins tickets. He pretends to be a doctor to impress Professor Hershel Layton while Ichigo uses her magical Mew Mew sparkles to sneak Moe and Miwa on the ship. During the cruise, Ichigo pulls a prank on Retasu that turns her into a fish while Hannah Montana boards the ship to attend a concert in Hawaii, leading Cody to try to get tickets for himself, Bella and Bailey.

Mew Mews of Waverly Place: The Mewvie

Main article: Mew Mews of Waverly Place: The Mewvie

The Abridgney Channel Original Movie, based on the series, premiered on August 28, 2009 on Abridgney Channel. Mew Mews of Waverly Place: The Mewvie was filmed in Puerto Rico in the caribe Hilton hotel, Los Angeles and New York City from February 16 to March 27, 2009. It won a Primetime 4Kids award for "Inappropriate Children's Program".

Series finale

On Friday, January 6, 2012, Mew Mews of Waverly Place aired its one-hour series finale, "Who Will Be the Family Mew Mew?". Although it was not the series most-watched special, being behind Mew Mews of Waverly Place: The Mewvie, and "Cast Away (To Another Show)", it was the most-watched finale for an Abridgney Original Series.

Excluding the crossover special, it was the series' most-watched episode. The closer also set the series best among kids 6-11 and teens 9-14. It also obtained a solid 1.9 rating with adults 18-49. Notably, the finale is the current web season's most-watched web telecast among scripted programs.

The show ended with Ichigo becoming the family Mew Mew, Retasu being declared new Headmaster of MewTech (also retaining her powers) and Purin getting to join the circus.

The Mew Mews Return: Ichigo vs. Berii

On September 27, 2012, Abridgney Channel announced that Mew Mews of Waverly Place would return for an hour-long special, which began production on October 22, 2012, and ended production on November 10, 2012, for a premiere telecast on the web channel early in 2013. The special, executive-produced by Stupida Pimpez, alongside series executive producers Vice Chang and Luigi Mario (who also co-wrote the special with Ben Tenson), centers on the Momomiyas, Masaya, and Miwa's visit to Japan to meet long-lost relatives from Shigeru's side of the family. In an attempt to prove her family that she's not a carefree Mew Mew, Ichigo persuades Retasu to experiment on her and create a clone. The clone turns out to be different-looking (with cat and rabbit DNA and blond hair), but has a similar personality to Ichigo. This clone, Berii, turns out to be an evil version of Ichigo that ends up involved in another Mew Mew's (Minto) plan for world domination. When Ichigo discovers the Mew Mews' plan, she tries to find a way to save her family and mankind, leading to a literal battle between good and evil atop the Nintendo HQ building. The film is titled The Mew Mews Return: Ichigo vs. Berii and premiered on March 15, 2013.


Main article: List of Mew Mews of Waverly Place characters


Actor Character Seasons
1 2 3 4
Stupida Pimpez Ichigo Momomiya Main
David Herpies Retasu Momomiya Main
Jake T. Texas Purin Momomiya Main
Jennifer Stoned Miwa Miku Main
María Canals Fererra Dora Momomiya Main
David DeLose Shigeru Momomiya Main


Actor Character Seasons
1 2 3 4
Ian Imazombie Professor Dumb Recurring
Bill Bloodclott Hershel Layton Recurring
Ben Tenson Ezekiel "Zeke" Luther Recurring
Deaf Garlic Aunt Ponyo Recurring
Gosh Wussman Hugh Normous Recurring Recurring
Widget Mender Juliet van Romeo Recurring
Pauline Git Luke/Pit Recurring Recurring
Skye Damnuels Zertrude "Zakuro" Hollywood Recurring
Amanda Teepee Monotone Lady Recurring
Damndem Samoas Secret Arietty Recurring Guest
Meg Skullin Masaya Aoyama Recurring
Andy Kindle Chancellor Rody Toadytoady Recurring
Doosy Hail Miranda Hamper Recurring
Moses Rises Conscience Recurring
Hailin Kyoto Stevie Pickles Recurring
Bailey Badison Puro Momomiya Recurring
Frank Poncho Fix-it Felix Recurring
Levine Adam Posie Recurring
John Rupeestein Moron Recurring
Red Stroller Dangerous Dexter Recurring
McKenna Whoops Meet T. Robinsons Recurring



Main article: Mew Mews of Waverly Place (soundtrack)

The soundtrack album for the hit Abridgney Channel Original Series of the same name. The album was released as a physical CD, enhanced CD and digital on August 4, 2009, under Inukane Abridgney Records. The album includes songs from and inspired by Mew Mews of Waverly Place: The Mewvie.

In response to the soundtrack, Adam Levine of Maroon 5 recognized Mew Mews for its “teen revamps of boomer classics that parents can enjoy too.” He also stated that it was “agreeable” and that Stupida Pimpez “inevitably stands out from the pack”. However, Levine said: “the dang-awful version of America's ‘You Can Do Magic’ was sunk by its hyper-claustrophobic rhythm, the biggest rearrangment of a tune here and by far the worst cut”.

Video game

Main article: Mew Mews of Waverly Place (video game)

A video game based on the series was released in August 2009.

DVD releases


Name Episodes United States release Bonus features
Mew Mews of Waverly Place: Mew Mew School Mew Mew School part 1, Mew Mew School part 2, Curb Your Dragon, Disenchanted Evening July 29, 2008 Make it Like a Mew Mew - Ichigo, Retasu, and Purin's favorite things to do.
Mew Mews of Waverly Place: Superbaturally Stinky Credit Check, Ants in My Pants, Beware Gulf, Tankōbon February 10, 2009 Fashionista Largo Rango! - Go behind the scenes with the stars for some wardrobe transformations.

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