Level 1


After 998 times beating Wily, Mega Man is old. And tired. And weak. When he was sleeping one day, Wily came by. Mega Man stopped his fake-being old, tired and weak. Wily released his ultimate weapon. It was Bass Cut Guts Bomb Ice Time Splash Zero, a fusion of many of his creations.


Before Mega Man (you) can react, Bass Cut Guts Bomb Ice Time Splash Zero released a Bass Cut Super Crash Oil Water Bomber Arm Slide Blast, killing Mega Man. You can't win unless you die 998 times, which is when you become the titular protagonist on your 999th live...Mega Man 999. In this form, you are an immortal God, and can't be killed. After charging up a shot, you fire it by pressing A. This kills Bass Cut Guts Bomb Ice Time Splash Zero.


Wily runs away in fear.

Level 2


Mega Man is interrupted from his victory by Sanic.


Sanic fasts you before you can react.

Gameplay as 999

You are as fast as Sanic, and you eventually send him away by counter-fasting.


Nothing. You sent Sanic away.

Level 3 (TBA)

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