possibly bakugan, pokemon and digimon crossover rip

Mega Evolution is a gimmick that temporarily turns a Pokémon into a more powerful version of itself, which may or may not have been ripped off from Digimon. There are people that either hate it, or go nuts about it. For the latter, it's because it can potentially bring their favorite Pokémon into the limelight and actually make them competitively good. For the former, it's because either they can't forgive the creators from ripping off Digimon, they think too many powerful Pokémon get it and don't deserve it at all, or they find the transformations too over-the-top.

There's three things needed for a Pokémon to Mega Evolve: A Pokémon holding its corresponding Mega Stone (usually has the Pokémon's name, but ending with -nite or -ite), a Key Stone (not to be confused with Odd Keystone) for its Trainer to activate, and a strong bond between the trainer AND the Pokémon. Trainers can also Mega Evolve only one Pokémon per battle, because without this requirement, your team would be OP as fuck. Trainers cannot Mega Evolve their Pokémon again when they're fainted, because if else, that would also be OP.

List of Mega Evolutions

  • Mega Charizard: Charizard's Mega Evo. Actually, Mega Evos, because he's so damn popular and overrated, he needs two.
    • Mega Charizard X: A fierce black, Dragon-type Charizard, possibly only created to please the fans, since they know that the Shiny Charizard is so well liked and the fans always longed Charizard to be a dragon Pokémon.
    • Mega Charizard Y: A much more humble-looking Charizard that keeps its Flying-type. However, it gets Drought, making its Fire attacks seriously OP.
  • Mega Gardevoir: Now Gardevoir can literally be your waifu. Seriously, Mega Gardevoir looks like a bride about to be wed. Its special power lies in its Pixilate, which turns Normal attacks into Fairy attacks.
  • Mega Lopunny: If Lopunny wasn't enough furry material, Mega Evolution allows it to get yiffed even further. Too bad your dick will likely be broken because Lopunny becomes even more aggressive than a Primeape, especially now it's Fighting-typed.
  • Mega Slowbro: This Slowbro looks like it gets eaten by the Shellder on its tail, but don't worry, they cooperate well.
  • Mega Salamence: If you thought Salamence was already OP, then check out his Aerilate-holding Mega Evo. Actually, his wings now look liek a croissant. People also thought it lost its arms, but it seems they're tucked in instead.
  • Mega Ampharos: Ampharos becomes, surprisingly enough, a Dragon type. You wouldn't think that because it's not only a sheep, but it's also got some fabulous hair, which most dragons lack.
  • Mega Altaria: Despite Altraia becoming Dragon/Fairy, it looks even more like a cloud than ever.
  • Mega Heracross: Now Heracross is an actual hercules beetle. Too bad he looks kinda dumb now...
  • Mega Pinsir: Definitely the most intimidating Mega Evo, and a good thing too because Pinsir was always overshadowed by Scyther or Heracross.
  • Mega Tyranitar: PFFFHAHAHAHA! Is that thing supposed to be a Tyranitar?! With those long spikes (longer than his arms, legs or even tail), it now looks like a star or something! Definitely over-exaggerated with the design there, Game Freak.
  • Mega Mewtwo: Just like Charizard, Mewtwo was so damn popular that he just needs two Mega Evos.
    • Mega Mewtwo X: A Fighting-type Mewtwo. It looks like Mewtwo became Goku or something. There's nothing else to talk about.
    • Mega Mewtwo Y: This was actually the very first Mega Evolution that Game Freak revealed. Back then, it wasn't much of a Mega Mewtwo as an "Awakened" Mewtwo, but whatevs. This guy's tail has become his hair, so that's funny.

Pokémon Fans want to Mega Evolve but have no Mega Evo YET

Game Freak doesn't always listen to his fans, and this list proves it.

  • FLYGON: Hoo boy. Flygon was one of the most frequently brought up Pokémon for this subject. Fans REALLY want this thing to get a boost. It doesn't help that all other Hoenn Dragons did get a Mega Evolution, but he didn't. It especially doesn't when the non-legendary Dragons of Hoenn got a Mega Evolution at the same time, but instead of Flygon, a rabbit from Sinnoh shows up instead.
  • Milotic: With Gyarados getting a Mega Evo, fans thought it was time that Milotic should get one too.
  • Dragonite: With all other Pseudo-legends getting a Mega Evo, Dragonite should get one eventually. But what would his Mega Stone be called? Dragoonitenite? Dragonitinite? Dragonitite? Dragonite?
  • All Starter Pokémon: When Mega Evolution was officially revealed, Blaziken was one of the first to be introduced, and since then Fans want the other starters to get one too since Blaziken only would make it unfair for the rest. Later, Kanto starters got one (Charizard got two), and in ORAS, the remaining Hoenn starters got theirs. There's exactly 12 left.
  • A lot of Unova Pokémon: In Pokémon X and Y, there were no Mega Evolution Pokémon from Unova and Kalos. Kalos was understandable, as Game Freak said they didn't want to introduce Mega Pokémon from Kalos yet, but what about Unova? Genwunners may say bullshit about them, but there's some very interesting Pokémon in the bunch. In ORAS, both regions now have one Mega Pokémon each. Kalos got Diancie, a Mythical Pokémon promoted for ORAS, and Unova got... Audino, which exactly no one asked for. GG, Game Freak.
    • Hydreigon: Obviously one of the coolest pseudo-legendaries yet. This fucker especially want it now his actual fave got one. Don't let him down, Game Freak.
    • Zoroark: One of the first Unova Pokémon, and is it a darkhorse (and a furry bait). Too bad his Illusion ability is a bit odd.
    • Volcarona: This is one hot moth (literally). Give this one a Mega too.
  • A lot of Kalos Pokémon: Despite what Game Freak said in X and Y, this doesn't stop fans from wanting Kalos Megas.

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