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Mario socket

Mario is an excellent plumber to preserve Mario's heroic action. Confirmation of the enemy, I know it is closely related to the Persian ruler King Bowser mushroom Thomas. Mario Nintendo, which is the story of the most popular video games and animals. Marius, other versions glitter Mario World.


The first Mario in the game Donkey Kong girlfriend Pauline emerged from the grip of Donkey Kong evil to save, and has more than 250 games, almost always the main character is played, the impact of heroic children since the appearance of evil. Law of the Church by, first appeared in this world, if you were asked her heron and his brother was attacked by Kamek and fell on his back from Yoshi, his first experimentandu adventure. Many mushrooms live in the United States, often stopping Peach from Bowser and rescuing him after he was kidnapped. Many travel the world and other times to save the world from destruction. It is marked as installed, but rarely sees its work.


This time Mario look a blue suit with yellow buttons with a simple red shirt, red cap with "M" on it, reddish-brown shoes and white gloves that look like Mickey Mouse. Mario has a rounded nose, mustache hair maroon to dark Italian authorities, as well as a little "overweight. Mario looks a lot like his brother Luigi. Mario clothes change during the game. A great team and colored back and a little more "or a rounded.

Interestingly, it seems that Mario has a tribal tattoo that they have hidden under a suit that is on the left. It was discovered in the ad for the Game Boy Advance SP Tribal edition. Canonicidad though it is controversial, Mario does not show hand now again drawn on advertising, meaning that you divert.


While Mario's hero archetype seems to be defined poorly, it seems more features that make the model loved by children. Mario is a courageous and curious to the world around them. He is known for his optimism, his eyes open and happy mood. These features lead to regular events and inventors of the invention, such as cleavage and racoon deciding to move the stick in the tube at all levels; Mario and the like of the research will again and again lead to victory.

It is therefore not surprising that Mario has a moral compass. It has a brave face hazard, doing what he thinks is good even in the most dangerous situations. It is tolerant to other loyal friends many who support his brother Luigi and grudgeless against the enemy. Tolerance with new types of food and music, for example.


Editing Mario Amplifiers

Mario has a lot of games, and many other features. It consists of over a powerful super mario figure, Mario Super Mushroom back, which makes man eat Fire Mario, then, who after arrest Mario can shoot fireballs and unstoppable: fire flowers Marius, who previously invincible Mario, Stephanie. After a few years ago and some other gems like a piece of metal, sheet metal and Tanuki ice flowers chapter. Know the nature of the odd interstellar change bee buttons.

Too much of their skills. It was not unusual to fly, and enemies can be hit or orange slices and 3D games. It can also be a series of games and spin leap, utilizing magic, the power of God to destroy the enemy and easy to find.


Mario amiibo this figure? Learn more about amiibo things.



Luigi network where fans still feel left out due to the relationship, Mario and Luigi Mario complicated boom. In particular, strange and unusual, Luigi Mario Power Tennis Cup after accidentally taking steps squirms. RPG games, Luigi the other player he can be a hero, but often unclear Mario "is considered to leave. Mario got a loan, but he likes to stay at a press conference, Mario Sports Mix" Luigi want to. "

Both Mario and Luigi often join his adventures, they are usually associated with sports titles and spin-offs. If you still have strong relationships with your parents and other relatives to help each other to see that we will stop at nothing for games like Luigi Manor. Al Nintendo Mario character, when he retired, he targets Luigi's business units in 1993, it is not official.


Yoshi Mario may be the first good friends. To use the protection of the island of the kind of a prequel to the series, with Marius, the majority of the parents to find a Yoshi Yoshi. Now, Clive continue to benefit Bowser Mario is often the horse.

Persian prince

Often, to save Mario Bowser, who often hijack. And among them there is no way exactly; Some sources claim that long-term relationships destroyed or luck that much. Mario kiss that fish cake given to celebrate his catch. The break series, as well as his ring finger, perhaps indicating they are married, even if it is only speculation.

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