Mario the Rapper is an upcoming Wii U video game developed and published by Nintendo. It allows players to rap to the tunes available in the game. It is set to be released worldwide in Q4 2015, though it may be released in Q1 2016. It can either be played single player or multiplayer. The lyrics will appear on the GamePad whilst the TV will show Mario dancing and rapping.

It will be rated 18 by PEGI, A0 by ESRB and Z by CERO.


  • Super Mario Bros. - Overworld
  • Super Mario Bros. 2 - Birdo
  • Super Mario Bros. 3 - Athletic
  • Super Mario World - Overworld



  • Popular Song pack
  • Autotune Mode



Overworld 1

It's Mario Mario here
I'll make Wario cry a tear
I'll show Bowser that I'm boss
And he will go eat some moss
I'll save my beautiful kingdom
No need to add up a sum
I want to get my bae Peach
And lie with her on the beach


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