Do not edit and delete! Mario Party Dress Up was first out on the Wii U on December 31, 2043.

New Comes

1: Download

2: Must Unlock

3: At Start

Sonic the Hedgehog 3 Partner: Mario

The Koopalings 2 Partner: None

Lady Bow 2 Partner: None


Shy Guy 3 Partner: None

Kamak 1 Partner: None

Birdo 3 Partner: Yoshi

Not Coming People





Jungle Ruins

Shiver Cold Ice Area

Comsic Wonders

Medival Chaos

Sports Town

Greedy Gala 1

Fancy Farm 1

Mini Games

Jungle Ruins

Donkey Kong's Banana Toss

Bomb Battle

Bowser's Fire Run

Noki Jump

Banana Bowling

Call Of Duty

More Coming Soon

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