this is a geym.

payebel charters

  • murio
  • luwegi
  • petch
  • daisee
  • bawser
  • bawser junior
  • pink gold peach
  • tayler sweft
  • naluigi
  • & knuckles

theres no roselaina deel wit it B)))


the chartcter must sex wit another person and it can be lesbian end gey while havin funy saxuel minigeymes!!! some mods r:

  • fun party
  • poop mood
  • anal maze (subiminar messege :ooo)
  • and storty mode
    • in storty mode you must cumon fud and rekt som asess. later on, the play fite 1v1 againt bawser, and 360 blaze noscope him


  • lenny face race - both four player and 1v1 minigam. you basicaly need to avoid many lennys possible. if u touch one, ur out. 
  • blowie jolly
  • ass bass
  • kinky lakitu - four player minigam. in a 2d-like stage, the players must make a "comfortable" position while lakitu tries to hook in the ass. the one whose collects more ass-points win.
  • lets watch r34! - four player minigam. the first one to shoot orghasm wins and the loser is kicked on the ass.



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