Remake of the old Mario Party 15. Do not edit and delete!! Mario Party 15 was a game came out on the day the NX shop.


  1. Mushroom Way: This is the easy map of the game. It's just simple. All you have to do is drive in a gorge and hop on mushrooms and land on spaces, But watch out! Mr Flair Mushroom may over-kill you if you land on Bad Luck. He will take all the hearts you have! You will have to fly in a bubble to the end. Be good to see Toad in Toad's Tattoo Roam and pick a tattoo for all of your players!
  2. Bananas Jungle: Donkey Kong wants you to play Bananas Jungle! There will be a little chaos of banana pile, But hike your way to Banana Ruins to see Donkey Kong in his BIG BATTLE at the end. You also earn bananas, Not hearts. Everything is a banana!
  3. Triangle Island: Koopa Troopa's map will be the only way to beat up the sun! A just boring thing laying, But still fun to play. You can go by Doris the Loch Ness and get hearts, Or maybe MEGA HEART, With 200 hearts? Try it and find your way of sunny fun!
  4. Fire Ruins: Wow! Look at this volcano of fire! Can you find a way to figure out? Try out this map and see how good you can do. Be careful! There are fire rings about to hit you. If you are hit, Everyone is out! Is this hard? Is this easy? Will it take 30 hours to do this? Can you do it in the backyard? See what you do.
  5. Boss Hill: The boss, Bowser, Awaits in this map! It's more harder than last one's. More fire, More traps, And more Bad Luck Spaces. Be careful, Watch out for Bowser Jr and a group of 3 other baddies at the end! If you picked the wrong baddie, You will have to try again!


Ting-Ling Rings: It's a cat that hops over rings, And you have to do it too! Jump the Wii Remote on the correct colored rings. The player who jumped the most wins!

Dance Party: DJ Noki says you have to dance! Can you dance to the beat, Press the correct buttons Noki says and make sure you have sound on. No music and sounds are playing. Just talking. The player who did all the buttons correct wins!

Doris Ride: Doris wants a ride! Hop on Doris and guide him by loops, rings, danger zones and more and see if you get everything right to win. It's fun, Right?????????????????????????????????

All-Road Tour: 3..2..1..GO! Pick your favorite track and race around it. But look out for the bad stuff.

LET'S DELETE THIS PAGE NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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