Mario Kart Neptne Z And DSe
Developer(s) Fantendo
Nintendo EAD
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Genre(s) Racing
Single player, Multiplayer
ESRB: Everyone
PEGI: 3+
Series Mario Kart

Mario Kart Neptune Z And DSe is a Mario Kart game created for The Neptune Z, And DSe. The game features downloadable content.


Playable Characters

Default Characters

Image Name Weight
200px Mario Medium
150px Yoshi Medium
275px Bowser Treacherous
250px Peach Light
250px Daisy Light
250px Wario Super Heavy
250px Waluigi Cruiser
250px Donkey Kong Treacherous
190px Toad Light
217px Koopa Troopa Light
275px Bowser Jr. Medium
201px Baby Mario Feather
201px Baby Peach Feather
271px Tuxie Feather

Unlockable Characters

Image Name Weight How To Unlock'
275px Luigi Medium Clear At Least 7 Time Trials.
216px Diddy Kong Medium Clear 50cc Banana Cup.
177px Funky Kong Treacherous Clear 100cc Special Cup
Swanky Kong Cruiser Clear 150cc Star Cup
277px Baby Luigi Light Clear 100cc Lighting Cup
277px Baby DK Light Clear 150cc Lightning Cup
277px Baby Daisy Feather Clear 50cc Lightning Cup
300px Ludwig Von Koopa Cruiser Clear 50cc Leaf Cup
470px Nabbit Heavy Clear 50cc Shell Cup
250px Professor Elvin Gadd Medium Clear 150cc Special Cup
250px Polterpup Feather Clear 100cc Shell Cup
397px Dreamy Luigi Heavy Clear 100cc Mushroom Cup
22opx Dr. SnoozeMore Heavy Neptune Z Version-Clear 150cc Mushroom Cup
DSe Version-Have A Mario & Luigi: Dream Team Save File, Then He Is Unlocked After 70 Versus Races.
Chief Chilly\Chill Bully Treacherous Clear 100cc Leaf Cup
200px The Penguin Racer Treacherous Clear All 32 Time Trails
The Luigi Fan [In Game - The Luigi Fan] [REAL NAME - Lucas] Super Heavy Clear All Mirrored Cups

DLC Characters

Image Name Weight
300px Rainbow Star Mario Treacherous
Mecha Bowser\Mecha Koopa Mecha Bowser-Treacherous
Mecha Koopa-Feather
300px Mega-Man Treacherous
297px Master Hand Treacherous



Nitro Tracks

Mushroom Cup

Shell Cup

Leaf Cup

Special Cup

Retro Tracks

Shell Cup

Banana Cup

Star Cup

Lightning Cup

DLC Tracks

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