Do not edit and delete!!!! Mario Kart Hot Pursuit: Stupid Car Wars!! is a game for the Storybook that came out in 2000000000000000000, Since the game is too stupid. It has new drivers and new cars, REAL CARS. It was rated AO, With Bad Themes, Alcohol Reference, and Bad Words. This game is also real, But no hurt people.


Mario goes to Conker's home, Asking if they want a new car, That's fast!! The new car drives to home and when they took the test, The car crashed and fell into the water. When they got home, They where hurt so bad that they fell like they will over-killed, But no matter what, Mario ask the rest of the gang to drive cars on new lands that make you fell bad.

Cars that are at start

2015 Ford Mustang (Blue or White), Benz GLA, 2014 Nissan Pathfinder, 2007 Honda Civic (Blue or Green), Ford Crown Victoria Taxi, 2006 Toyota Highlander (Blue or Red), The Wienermoblie, 2012 Mazda 6, and 2001 Chevy Impala.

Cars you have to unlock

2006 Volkswagen Bettle, 2008 Mistubishi Lancer, 2012 Chevy Cruse, 2014 Toyota Camry, That red UFO that went to China in 2010, and 2009 Ford Flex.


Mario, Lulgi, Toad, Peach, Yoshi, Bowser, Bowser Jr, Baby Mario, Baby Lulgi, Baby Peach, Baby Daisy, Baby Rosalina, Baby Bowser, Daisy, Rosalina, Wario, Waluigi, Birdo, King Boo, Boo, Luna, Lubba, Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, Dixie Kong, Conkers, Koopa Troopa, Paratroopa, Goomba, Noki, Mr I, Spiny, Lakitu, Shy Guy, Metal Mario, Pink Gold Daisy, Wiggler, Tanooki, and Miis.


Mario with Miis, Luigi with Tanooki, Toad with Wiggler, Peach with Pink Gold Daisy, Yoshi with Meatl Mario, Bowser with Shy Guy, Bowser Jr with Lakitu, Baby Mario with Spiny, Baby Lulgi with Mr I, Baby Peach with Noki, Baby Daisy with Goomba, Baby Rosalina with Paratroopa, Baby Bowser with Koopa Troopa, Daisy with Conkers, Rosalina with Dixie Kong, Wario with Diddy Kong, Waluigi with Donkey Kong, Birdo with Lubba, and King Boo with Boo and Luna.

Tracks in Mushroom Cup

1. Danger Circuit: A dangerous track with lava pits, Fire balls, And bad bad hazards that will make your car crash. Then there is a firey tunnel that is danger too. You have to drive inside the fireball loops to not get hurt. The level ends on a elevator where you can see the map blowing up.

2. Rum Castle: Drive around Rum Castle and see photos of drugs all around the walls. Watch out, Smoke comes out of the walls. Then, You gotta find out what will happen next if you are driving to oil made out of rum. Better watch out for some un-happy things in Rum Castle!

3. Oil Jungle: This jungle is about oil, And there is many oil. There is oil on the trees, oil on the roads, and even oil in the sky! But watch out for Bowser's Airship, He will try to grab a ramdom person! The gliding part is funny, There are 100 glide pads and 100 boost pads. Since this level is big, It only has 1 lap.

4. Yuck Yuck Swamp: A swamp made out of garbage. You have to go over a bridge, And there you see a glide pad. Donkey and Shrek make suprise appers in the Stinky Shoe swamp. Bettle lives in the Rotten Banana swamp. When you drive in the pond, There is 1 shortcut. The shortcut is a road where you can go over the swamp and be in the clouds until the driving in the swamp ends.

Tracks in Flower Cup

1. Bowser's R.I.P Hospital: It takes place in a R.I.P hosptial. You can see a boy taking their gender away, A woman turning into a Loch Ness Monster, A boy turning into a woman, And many more. You will also go into the dirt and you can see a bridge with fire and bones rattling. But watch out, More danger's on your way!

2. Battle Battle War: This level takes place in World War II. You have to drive on a street. The first lap is inside a tunnel. You have to try not to get hurt. You will see tanks driving in this lap. You will move on to a desert and the tanks go away to the battle field. There are many fire balls and many planes flying. You have to drive fast if you want to skip the fire balls. Then, The last lap is on. You dive in the sea and see navy ships spitting oil. You have to watch out for the oil. When you get out of the water, The tunnel will be shown and more tanks will go in the tunnel. Then the map ends.

3: Spiny's Spiny Shell Farm: More info coming soon for this map!

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