Do not delete and edit! Mario Blow Up Fun! is a game for Nintendo DS, 3DS, Wii, Wii U, NX, PS Vita, PS 4, PS 3, Microsoft Windows, PS 2, PS, PC, Ipad, Ipod, Ipod Touch, Iphone, Iphone Touch, Mac, Steam, Xbox 1, Kinect, Xbox, and Xbox 360. It came out on May 5th 2024.

Event Styles

Super Mario: 1 Player. Play old and new, Every game from Mario like Mario 3D word and Mario 64.

Party: 1-4 players. Use the Wii remote. Wii and Wii U only. Play every Mario Party game, And there is a Bowser party and a Amiibo party!

Race: Start your brakes! This mode is for 1-4 players and includes all the levels from every single Mario Kart game, And even Diddy Kong Racing and the Arcade Mario Karts!

Mario Galaxy: 1 player. Play as Rosalina or Luna and pick a Mario Galaxy game to play!

Paper Mario: 1-2 players. Your person becomes into a paper Boy/Girl! Play Paper Mario games and let the Boy/Girl meet new stuff!

Captain Toad: 1 player. Play as Toad or Toadette and play Captain Toad! Also it includes new bad guys!

Yoshi Games: Play as Yoshi and play all the Yoshi games! Now with all the people as baby!

Donkey Kong: 1 player. Play as Donkey Kong or Diddy Kong. Play a Donkey Kong game today!

Mario vs Donkey Kong: 1 Player. Guide your Mini Person around new lands and new worlds and new levels!

People to pickl

All The People From The Mario Stuff and Mii.

Download: Pac-Man and R.O.B

Fun Stuff

More Coming Soon

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