Mario & Luigi : Star Road is a game annouced by Nintendo to be realeased in 2014 for the 3DS. Going to be the fifth Mario & Luigi game.



The game starts in Mario's House, where you are only playing as him. Luigi is nowhere to be seen. You need to exit the door to continue, but if you want you can look in the bedroom and see Luigi, but he is not interactive.

After leaving the house, you are greeted by Toadsworth and you must follow him, he will walk into Princess Peach's castle and walk to Princess Peach.

"Princess!" said Toadsworth "Master Mario is here!"

A speech bubble from the Right appears saying "Bring him over to the Castle!"

Toadsworth and Mario walk to Princess Peach's castle, sending him to the Throne Room, showing a Table with Toads on the chairs.

Mario sits down, and the screen shifts to Princess Peach, standing up.

"One of our Mushroom News Reporters has spotted an airship in Flower Forest," said Princess Peach "Mario, as the hero, can you and your brother Luigi go and investigate this airship?"

Suddenly, Bowsers big giant hand from New Super Mario Bros U crashes in and grabs Peach! "Mario!" screams Peach!

Mario runs to Princess Peach but he's too late, the hand has gone away with the Airship! Luigi (out of nowhere) runs in and jump onto Mario, knocking him over.

"Master Mario!" said Toadsword, "Master Luigi!"

As I said, this game is in develpment.

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