Mario's Wedding is a computer game. Do not edit and delete!


Mario books for a wedding! Help him by making food! But Mario sees that a bully named King Boo comes and take Princess Peach to his spooky mansion. Take Mario into 10 lands for a cropper bump of wedding fun for everyone!!

Areas And Levels

Land 1: Mario Town. Level 1-1: Spike and Birdo. Food: Garlic Pizza and Bread. Desert: Bell Shape Cookies.

Level 1-2: Yoshi and Donkey Kong. Food: Fruit Salad and Spiced Grouper. Desert: Donkey Kong's Banana Cake

Level 1-3: Toad and Toadette. Food: Mushroom Soup and Mushroom Pork Sliders. Desert: Fancy Lavender Cake.

Level 1-4: Morton and Wendy. Food: Chicken Crackers and Chopped Salami In Wine. Desert: Mint Brownies.

Level 1-5: King Boo and Lady Bow. Food: Chicken Wine and Yummy Fresh Bananas. Desert: Ice Cream.

Land 2: Sweet Sweet Castle.

Level 2-1: Goomba and Peach. Food: Salmon and Bananas. Desert: Mario World Cake.

Level 2-2: Wiggler and Carrie. Food: A Buffet. With the following items: Food: Chicken Noodle Soup, Roasted Pepper Rolls, Pear And Milk Dip.

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