Lopunny is said to be arend's waifu a Rabbit Pokémon with a body that resembles that of a young woman. Because of that, many people seem to think it is based on Playboy. With all that in mind (and the existence of furries), it is no surprise that it is one of the most rule 34'd Pokémon on the internet, being beaten by this waifu overhere (and Charizard fsr).

Peculiar about this pokémon is its idle pose, with its thick forearms (with fluffy wrists) placed on its chest. Some people remark this as if Lopunny were hiding a pair of human-like breasts under that fluff of its arms. Luckily for the Nostalgia Critic, Lopunny lacks bunny boobies. Unfortunately for him, though, this doesn't stop furries for adding some tits on this Pokémon anyway (and seriously, what would stop them from putting boobs on any animal in general?).

This Pokémon is also noteworthy of being TamshiiHiroka's least favorite Pokémon of all time. As in, she loathes this thing more than any other Pokémon and wouldn't even try to get its redemption. But that's just one opinion and no need to be mad about it. Given Lopunny's status and appearance, you'd understand it at least.

Related Pokémon

  • Buneary - Lopunny's pre-evolution.
  • Lucario - A widely more popular Pokémon also hit hard by furries. It's also remarkable how similar they are considering height and evolution method, despite being completely different species.
  • Diggersby - The polar opposite rabbit Pokémon. Fat, ugly, and an evolution of your typical rodent like Rattata.

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