L is Real is a game coming out on February 4th, 2401. The game is being released for the Nintendo Tab, and is a launch title for it. In the game, you play as Luigi during his teen years, and Luigi is trying to figure out if he is real or not. It breaks the 4th wall roughly 342 times, and is a very powerful and moving experience, making everyone contemplate their own realities. In the end, this lead to people ascending to the 9th dimension, and the human race was trapped there for 83 years.

Story mode

The game starts off with Luigi with his 2nd son, Laisy (combination of Daisy and Luigi) which was born in Super Luigi Pregnancy 2: Unexpected Pregnancy. His son asks "Daddy, am I real?" Luigi has a flashback to his teen years, and the game starts there

Luigi is in highschool. He walks into his highschool, and a bunch of ghosts come up to Luigi and stuff him in his locker. "Heh, Luigi, you're such a nerd! Nobody likes you! You should go WHOMP yourself" Prince Boo says as he walks off with his ghostly crew. 

Your first task is to try and escape out of the locker, and once you do that, you must go to your first class. Once you guide Luigi to his science class. Luigi gets tripped by a Boo, and all of the boos laugh at him. He gets all of this sciency liquid on him, and all of the sudden he has amazing jumping skills. Luigi was embarassed so he jumped out of the class room and went into his room.

His mom tried coming into his room to help but luigi said "You don't-a under-a-stand-a me ma-ma!", and then sobs. He then looks at his Thwomp, and is ready for it to hit him. As the Thowmp comes rushing down to squish Luigi, Luigi's life flashes before his eyes.

He then is in a mental white room. He tries to navigate, but everywhere is the same. 

Long story short, Luigi has a self realization, and realizes he is in a video game, and realizes he's not real.

Then he comes back to present day and replies to his son


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