Kyle Harasser, also known as the Ultimate Mario Gamer, AKA UMG is a psychopatic man who acts like a little kid, yet is the fearsome leader of an evil group known as the Ultimate Gamers. He has a double life as a chemist. His nemesis seems to be Arend, which he sees as the evil man instead, while Arend is actually the innocent self.


Kyle was born in the far land of Fantendo, a prosperous, peaceful land where citizens dwelled at ease. While growing, he dreamed of being part of the local government, so he could make "edits" to the various territories in the land as "Ultimate Mario Gamer", his art name. As he rised through the ranks of the government workers, the governors understood that he was becoming mad with power, making preposterous requests, and outrageous dictatorship claims that he deemed irrefutable for the land. The governors were forced to perform a "block", an exile from the Fantendo lands that he was slowly ruining, and after a fit of hatred-fueled rage, he left in defeat. Kyle then settled in the smaller land of Super Mario Fanon, where he made the same ridiculous claims, even proposing an illegitimate presidential vote that was clearly rigged by him. The more merciful president of the land didn't block him, but rather tried to keep him at bay by effortlessly refuting his arguments. The struggle between the president and Kyle goes on until today. He also created Ultimate Mario Fanon, a so called "extension" of Super Mario Fanon, where he is the malevolent ruler/dictator (even though citizens like Arend are trying to rebel), who hopes to this day to have his revenge on Fantendo.


Kyle is very immature,often faking his age behind a computer, making himself much older than he is in real life. However, despite his claims that he's around 30 years old, his raging makes it very clear that he's no older than 10. His personality can be shortly described as the personality of a dictator, but with no power.

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