The Koopian Kingdom was a Constitutional Monarchy that lasted from 1957 to 1985. It was created by the Reformation Act of 1957. It collapsed when the Soverignty Act of 1985 was made.


The government of the Koopian Empire was a Parlimentary Democratic Constitutional Monarchy. The legislative branch had two houses, the House of Commons, and the House of Lords. The House of Commons elected the Prime Minister every 5 years. The Prime Minister would be the magority leader and must answer to the magority party and guide the law-making process. The House of Lords was the higher house of the Legislature. They would make their version of a bill. Then there would be a compromise meeting which would make the official bill, then both houses would vote on the bill. The Chancellor was the head of the Executive Branch and appointed by the monarch every 5 years. The chancellor signed of vetoed bills made by the Parliment and also commanded the armed forces.


The territory of Koopia was conquered by the Mushroom Kingdom in 1222 AD. It became a Commonwealth Realm in the Commonwealth of Mushroom Nations with it's own Parliment, Prime Minister, and Chancellor in 1956. The Parliament of the Koopian Empire passed the Reformation Act of 1957 which had Koopia succeed from the commonwealth and Establish it's own kingdom.

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