Koopernicus Maximus was the Emperor of the Koopian Empire from 1185 to 1220. His tyrrany led to the Mushroom Territories declare independence and establish the Mushroom Republic.

Early Life

Koopernicus Maximus was hatched on June 4, 1145. He grew up in a wealthy family. He attended a Semmenary School in 1163. When he graduated in 1167 he became the Priest of Koopemburg. His unique preaching made Bishop Kooptarius appoint him as a member of the Clergy of Koopa Cape. In 1175 after the death of Kooptarius, Emperor Koopunion Troopunion appointed, Koopalis Troopis, Bishop of Koopa Cape. In 1180 when one of the Federal Clergy Members, Koopitus Troopi

Koopernicus Maximus in 1185

nior died, Koopunion Troopunion appointed Koopernicus as a member of the Clergy to replace Koopitus. After Koopunion died in 1185 at the age of 76, Koopernicus Maximus was elected Emperor of the Koopian Empire.

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