Koopalis Troopis in 1977

Koopalis Troopis was the Chancellor of the Kingdom of Koopa Cape from 1965 to 1997. He is notorious by the Mushroom Kingdom for signing the New Constitution of 1970. His political views were mostly conservative and he was in the Conservative Party of the Koopa Kingdom.

Early Life

Koopalis Troopis was born in 1914, in the Koopa Kingdom. His mother was Koopina Troopis and his father was Koopilis Troopis. He was their 3rd offpring and second son and siblings to Koopilis Troopis II, Koopina Troopis(sister), and Koopacus Troopis. He grew up in Koopantown. He attended Koopraff Political University.

Rise in Politics

In an upcoming election in 1940, Koopalis Troopis was a candidate in an election to the town council. He won against his Liberal opponent Libikoopa Kooparal and became a young member in the city council in 1941. He served a term of 4 years up until joining an election into a Provincial House of Commons of the Province of Koopia in 1944. He became a member in 1945. In 1949 joined am election into the federal House of Commons. He became a member in 1950. He kept winning against Liberal Opponents and started proposing important laws such as the Gun-regulation act of 1955. He was a member of the House of Commons all the way up until 1965.

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