Koopalings Universe Worlds
Mushroom Dimension Worlds
Monty's Rainforest Stages
Monty Town:

Waddle Plains:

Toad Ambush:

Vine Fortress:

Mini Mario Rampage:

Sap Factory:

Over the Treetops:

Mole Castle:

Goombashed Course:

Hero Boss - Toad:

Underground Village:

Piranha Trunk:

NOTE: There are no airships or giant bosses in this world.

Cheep Harbor Stages
Cheep Cheep Frenzy:

Fishy Events:

Furious Bumpties:

Marina Fortress:

Super Storm:

Underwater Chaos:

Death Docks:

Cheepskipper Tank:

Cheeped and Cheated Course:

Hero Boss - Yoshi:

Barnacle Reef:

Twisted Twister:

Pom Pom's Airship:

Skeleton Desert Stages
Dry Welcome:

Betrayal of the Goombas:

A Pleasant Oasis:

The Hidden Dune:

Dry Tundra:

Shiver Me Timbers!:


Lost Pyramid:

Koopaned Course:

Hero Boss - Wario:

Shadows in the Desert:

Dry Oasis:

NOTE: There are no airships or giant bosses in this world.

Bob-omb Hike Stages
Bombs Away!:

Hiking with Friends:

Bomb Setter:

Mountain Factory:

Silence at the Mountain:

Confusion Fusion:

Never Let Up!:

Shredder Castle:

Bombed Up Course:

Hero Boss - Luigi:

Flying for Keys:

The Revenge of the Shadow Thief:

Scotch's Air Fleet:

Giant Boss - King Whomp:

Mushroom Kingdom Future Stages
Coin Pipes:

House Rampage:

Rooftop Run:

Kingdom Hall:

Item Factory:

Toad Guards:

Party Crash!:

Flying Castle:

Sniffed Out Course:

Hero Boss - Mario:

Rail Streets:

City Nuke - RUN!:

NOTE: There are no airships or giant bosses in this world.

Abandoned Cave Stages
Cave Entrance:

Mine Cart Chaos:

Ruby Pits:

Flame Tower:

Lava Grotto:

Volcanic Underworld:

Golden Chamber:

Castle of the Unique:

The Shy Fight Course:

Hero Boss - Toad:

Abandoned City:

Mine Cart Madness:

Pom Pom's Caveship:

Koopa Klouds Stages
Golden Road:

Koopa Road:

Sky Road:

Kloud Tower:

Silver Road:

Low Road:

Castle Road:

Lightning Stronghold:

Hammer Bro'd Course:

Hero Boss - Yoshi:

Thief's Road:

Madness Road:

Giant Boss - Bouldergeist:

Crazy Kingdom Stages
Make Eggs, Throw Eggs?:

The Remains of Grass Land:

Donut Plains Devastation:

Unknown Fortress:

Larry's Airship:

World 1-1:

General's Path:

Scotch's Armada:

Yoshi's Dinner?:

Hero Boss - Wario:

Lava Ruins:

Peach's Melting Castle:

Cosmic Mario's Airship:

Nabbit Dimension Worlds
Piranha Volcano Stages
Rocky Path:

Lava Chambers:

Steam Vents!:

The Dangerous Duo:

Rising Heat:

Magma Ocean:

Exploding Volcano:

Lava Paint Fortress:

PodoBOO! Course:

Hero Boss - Luigi:

Volcano's Top:

Kamek's Revenge:

NOTE: There are no giant bosses or airships in this world.

Luigi's Mansion Stages
Mansion - First Half:

Mansion - Second Half:

Ghost Battle! Course:

Hero Boss - Mario:


The Secret Basement:

Pom Pom's Manor Airship:

Mainstream Craze Stages



Spriters Resource:




Internet Fortress:

Virus Alert! Course:

Hero Boss - Toad:

Google Search:


NOTE: There are no airships or giant bosses in this world.

Blooper Bridge Stages
Welcome to Heck:

Missiles of the Deep:


Blooper Fortress:

Bridge Maze:

Underwater Doom:

Collapsing Bridge:

Goop Harbor:

Blooper Oopser Course:

Hero Boss - Yoshi:

Hidden Palace:

Home of Blooper Nanny:

Scotch's Navy:

Giant Boss - Mecha Bowser:

Magic Universe Stages
Good Egg Galaxy:

Battlerock Galaxy:

Ghostly Galaxy:

Bigmouth Galaxy:

Gusty Garden Galaxy:

Toy Time Galaxy:

Melty Molten Galaxy:

Kamek's Dark Energy Plant:

Fishboned Course:

Hero Boss - Wario:

Space Junk Galaxy:

Deep Dark Galaxy:

NOTE: There are no airships or giant bosses in this world.

Nabbit Kingdom Stages
Nabbits' Battlefield:

Nab it!:

Nabbit City:

Last Fortress:

Radical Highway:


Metal Ludwig's Rampage:

The Cosmic Castle:

Nabbed! Course:

Hero Boss - Luigi:

Nabbit Maze:

Mt. Nabbit:

Cosmic Force:

Dark Land Stages

Magma Fountains:

Broken Doomship:

Shadow Thief's Hideout:

Bowser's Castle:

Hammer Guards:

Lava River:

King's Castle:

Chargin' Morons Course:

Hero Boss - Mario:

Evacuate! Evacuate!:

Final Fortress:

Scotch's Flotilla:

Giant Boss - Smithy:

Ultimate Space Station Stages
Final Challenge!:

Chain Chomped Course:

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