Koopalings Universe Minigames
Single Player Minigames
Good Guy Fight: Here at Peach's Castle, you can get points if you fight the good guys, like Mario and Luigi. This is a good place to rack up lives. The minigame officially ends when you are hit three times.

Fruit Collecting: On Delfino Plaza, you have to collect lots of fruit under a minute! The fruit comes in two varieties: Sweet and Sour. The sweet ones must be collected to increase time and the sour ones must be avoided as they decrease the time on the time limit. Remember to collect the eggs that fall - they grant you lives! For every 15 sweet fruits you collected you get an extra life.

Luma Feeding Time: You have to collect Star Bits from everywhere you can find on the Comet Observatory and then feed the Hungry Lumas! For every Hungry Luma you feed you get an extra life. You get a coin for every little Luma you feed.

Goomba's Arena Shack: Here you must brawl out enemies - the further you progress the better your prizes and the tougher the enemies. There is a similar boss rush mode.

Retro Survival: Here you go through the original Super Mario Bros. game in 2D, but many more dangers happen which can slow you down. If you make it to the end you get ten lives.

Multiplayer Minigames
Bingo Party: Here you play bingo against either Bingo Boo or your friends! It works like real life BINGO.

Frightening Luigi: Here you must scare Luigi out of his own mansion. To scare him completely you must fill the Scare Meter. The scarier your act the higher the Meter will fill. Luigi may try to scare you sometimes though so be careful.

Toad Town Destroyers: A giant robotic Mario resides here, being able to shoot rockets and fire bombs at you. Hit its head three times to destroy it. If you destroy it, you receive a 1-Up! You have three pieces of health, so be careful. It can also be played alone but Bingo Boo will be a helping CPU.

War Tanks: In this minigame, you fight other players inside tanks. You press A to make your tank jump and press B to fire. Everyone has three pieces of health, so be wise while fighting.

Merry-go-Round Doom: You are on a merry-go-round that is zooming at high speeds throughout the sky. You must find a bullet bill cannon and fire your opponents off of the equipment. Sounds terrible but the three lives are worth it, right?

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