Koopalings Universe Items
Usable Items
Fire Flower: This allows a Koopaling to use their fire breath ability. This can be done by pressing Y. The power wears off after being touched by an enemy. Costs 30 coins in shop.

Poison Mushroom: It grants you another piece of health. Very useful when you are low on hearts. Costs 10 coins in shop.

Spiked Coin: Rather than harming you, it harms enemies. This can be tossed at enemies to kill them. It also kills thwomps and spiked enemies. Costs 20 coins in shop.

Coffee Mushroom: You are granted extra speed for fifteen seconds. Costs 30 coins in shop.

Rotten Mushroom: It restores ALL health. Very awesome and good to find. Usually found before boss fights. Costs 50 coins in shop.

Shell Stool: It can be thrown like a normal shell, but it can be stood on to reach higher places. Costs 20 coins in shop.

Banana: Using this means...Donkey Kong to the rescue! He will help you by breaking obstacles and bash enemies. He only dies by falling into spikes, lava, or bottomless pits. He cannot be crushed, leading him to overthrow even thwomps. Costs 50 coins in shop.

Ztarman: Grants you invincibility for a full minute. Costs 100 coins in shop.

Scepter: It allows you to use your magic powers. Does not cost anything in shop, as it belongs rightfully to you.

Golden Scepter: Usable for 30 seconds, any enemy that gets hit by the magic of this turns into gold. If the golden enemy is collected, the amount of coins retrieved depends on the size of the enemy.

Paint Brush: This allows you to paint up hidden items.  Also, with it you can force enemies to work for you.

Clown Car: The Clown Car can be used to get around the world map, and in gameplay it can be used to fly around the area and you can fire bullet bills with it. Packs away in small areas.

Bowser's Car: In single player, it will appear in a secret garage in some stages.  It can be drived on any kind of slope, and it can destroy any enemy it touches.  In multiplayer mode it can be used to harm the other players.

Dragon Coin: There is one hidden in every level.  If you collect it, you get an extra life, similar to their effect in Super Mario World. If collected it adds fifty points to the level score.

Red Coin: There are five in every level. They have no purpose but add to the stage's score when collected. Each is five points.

Blue Coin: There are twenty-five in every level. Each is worth one level score point. Collecting them all gets you an extra life.

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