Here are a list of cards in Koopalings Universe.

Offensive Cards

  • Fire Blast - Releases a large stream of fire that can burn down your enemies with ease.  Effect lasts five seconds.  Pieces of landscape may melt.
  • White Dash - A Koopaling will dash at super speeds and can knock off foes with much power.  It lasts for three seconds.
  • Ice Slash - Allows a Koopaling to freeze enemies by slashing them with blue hued claws.  Very powerful move.

Ability Cards

  • Dolphin - Allows you to swim with preciseness.  You can almost always control where you want to swim.  You can swim against currents with this card in hand.  Lasts until the end of the level or when you die.
  • Monkey - Allows you to climb up slippery slopes and walls.  The effect wears off when you die or when you reach the end of the level.

Minion Cards

  • Pokey - This minion will stand as a large but slow shield.  If the head is hit it is defeated.  The color of it is red, to separated from the evil yellow versions.
  • Firebar - This minion can be held in your bare hands.  The fire on the block will spin around and around and will kill enemies.  It doesn't harm you however.
  • Dry Bones - This minion will walk back and forth on the field, and will collapse upon being jumped on.  It can throw bones at enemies, stunning them momentarily.

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