These are the strategies for Koopalings Universe bosses.

Koopalings Universe Bosses
Mushroom Dimension Bosses
World One Bosses
Boom Boom: Boom Boom will flap his arms as he rampages throughout the playing field. You must jump on his head. After being hit, Boom Boom will go into defense mode for two seconds and then get up and repeat rampaging. After three hits, Boom Boom falls.

King Monty: King Monty will dig through the ground and attempt to go out from under you and squish you against the ceiling. If he misses, he'll go dizzy and you can stomp on his head. After two hits he will glow red and summon smaller monty moles to help him. He will also move faster. After three hits, the king of moles falls to you.

World Two Bosses
Reznor: In this stage, there are four Reznors. They are all on platforms connected together by a spinning wheel. To defeat the Reznors, you must hit the bottoms of their platforms and make them fall into the lava. Unlike in Super Mario World, the bridge will not break apart after taking down two Reznors.

Cheepskipper: Cheepskipper will be in the water, but his spikes will stay out and attempt to smash into you. You have to pick up a barrel of dynamite and throw it at the overgrown fish. Then he will come out and flop about on the deck. Smash into him with your shell, and the pattern will repeat. Three hits knocks him out.

Pom Pom: Pom Pom will slowly walk about the airship and will toss boomerangs at you. If jumped on, Pom Pom will get twice as fast. A unique attack is that she can jump to the top of the room and throw chandeliers at you. After three hits, she goes down.

World Three Bosses
Boom Boom: This battle is identical to the first Boom Boom battle, except Boom Boom now jumps and can fire the spikes from his shell.

Goomboss: Goomboss will chase you forever and ever, and if you get too close you're dead. He will do naught but fire goombas towards you and run towards you. Bob-ombs will be laid on the track and can be tossed at Goomboss. After being hit six times with bombs, the big goomba goes down in defeat.

World Four Bosses
Reznor: Reznor is fought the same as last time, except now the bridge slowly falls apart after two Reznors are dead. Also, they now spit blue, homing flames, but that's semi-rare.

King Bob-omb: King Bob-omb will toss bob-ombs at you and will attempt to pick you up and throw you off the summit. Sounds familiar? Well, now he fires three different types of bomb: NORMAL, GREEN, and RED. Normal bob-ombs act normal, green ones try to ram into you, and the red ones cannot be picked up and act like the green ones. After being hit with six bombs the king goes down.

General Scotch: General Scotch will run around headfirst and will try to smash into you with the spike on his helmet. He is very fast, and is hard to hit. To defeat him, you must ram into his back with your shell.

King Whomp: This is the first giant boss of the game. You must punch him a large distance and knock him into the mountainside. Whomp will fall and expose his back. You can now groundpound his back, but after three turns he gets up. Repeat until his back is pounded eight times.

World Five Bosses
Boom Boom: Fought like last time but he no longer runs around the field - he zips through the air. He can only be hit if he goes down to your level. He wears a fancy dress, by the way.

Robo Yoshi: He attacks with all of Yoshi's moves from Yoshi's Island. To make that clear, he can throw eggs, ground pound, try to eat you, and push chomp rocks onto you. In the meantime you're running away from him, and you must dodge all of his attacks. Once you make it to a cannon, fire away until he gets too close. Once he's hit with 30 missiles, the robot explodes.

World Six Bosses
Reznor: Same as last time but now there are eight Reznors to defeat. The bridge does not collapse.

Green Shy Guy: He's a normal shy guy, but green! He can slingshot and walk around but that's it. It takes 50 hits to defeat him.

Pom Pom: Same as last time but now holds a bullet cannon.

World Seven Bosses
Boom Boom: Same last time, but now he lost the wings and returns to his running strategy. He now jumps as well.

Giga Lakitu: He remains in the sky and fires electricity and spinies at you. You must flip over the spinies and toss them back at Giga Lakitu. After he's hit four times he's dead.

Bouldergeist: He is the second giant boss and is very dangerous. He fires rocks and bomboos. Punch the bomboos back 3 times to expose the monster's core. After you hit it, the monster will reform. Repeat to defeat him.

World Eight Bosses
Reznor: Same as last time but now the bridge can fall apart again.

General Scotch: He plays like last time, but now he throws bombs! If you're far away he throws them straight at you, and if you're close to him he'll throw one into the sky and have it fall on you.

Cosmic Mario: He has all of Super Mario's moves, but can warp around with portals. Collect items before he can so he can't use them either! You can only harm him with star power. Once he's hit three times with invincibility he's defeated.

Nabbit Dimension Bosses
World Nine Bosses
Boom Boom & Pom Pom: Boom Boom repeats his first battle of the game while Pom Pom repeats her first battle of the game. And you know what? They do it ALL at THE SAME TIME.

Petey Piranha: He spits paint, water, and lava at you. You have to toss a rock at his belly and topple him over. Once flipped you need to stomp his belly. He'll get angered and he'll go on a 10-second rampage before repeating his strategy. 3 hits takes him out, no doubt.

Pom Pom (airship): When you arrive, the airship will fall into the volcano and starts sinking in lava. While battling Pom Pom, you must scale the airship and hit her on the way. Three hits knocks her off into the lava.

World Ten Bosses
Reznor & Big Bully: Reznor repeats his fourth battle against you while Big Bully tries to shove you into the lava. Big Bully cannot be defeated, but he'll fall into the lava when the bridge collapses.

King Boo: He'll possess a statue in the room and use its power to try to hurt you. The statues are Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, and Bowser (powers are stomp, thunder, tongue slash, and fire breath). If all the statues are destroyed, you can hurt him and end the battle.

World Eleven Bosses
Boom Boom & Pom Pom: Boom Boom will grow to large sizes while Pom Pom shrinks. Boom Boom will repeat his first battle while Pom Pom does the same. Pom Pom requires a hit to defeat while Boom Boom require five.

Metal Roy: Metal Roy has all of Roy's previous strategies in video games. For the first hit, he'll run around and toss magic. For the second, he'll climb the wall and try to fall on you, which causes shockwaves when the ground is hit. For the third, he'll go into some new pipes on the ceiling and will try to fall on you again. For the fourth, he'll fire bullet bills at you. For the fifth and final, he will combine all of his strategies. He will then be defeated.

World Twelve Bosses
Reznor & Big Bully: There will be fifteen Reznors on a big wheel and Big Bully will jump from platform to platform. You have the last and sixteenth platform to stand on. Knock out all of the Reznors then bully the Bully into the lava pits.

Gooper Blooper: He'll shoot harmful ink at you and will attempt to squish you with his tentacles. You must pull a tentacle and shoot it at his face. Once he's stunned, smash his head. Five hits will do.

General Scotch: He'll repeat his second battle but will light the floor on fire after three hits, and you have to chase him to the end of the airship and hit him once more.

Mecha Bowser: Iggy should flame the belly of Mecha Bowser and once he's scorched Iggy should punch the belly. This will knock out Mecha Bowser and let you finally damage him. After three hits Mecha Bowser is dead. Mecha Bowser is capable of breathing fire, slashing with his claw, and can jump on you. His final attack is a giant laser attack.

World Thirteen Bosses
Boom Boom & Pom Pom: Your last battle against the duo isn't easy! Boom Boom will grow wings, grow giant and can produce shockwaves upon hitting the ground. Pom Pom throws boomerangs from Boom Boom's head. You need to pick up the boomerangs and toss them at Boom Boom's face. Twelve will do. Then battle Pom Pom, who will battle like last time, and she will go down after three hits. Both people return to normal.

Kamek: Kamek will battle using his wand. Other than using his wand he just teleports. His wand can do 8 things:

Block Break: If the magic hits a block, it will break apart. This is the most common spell.

Minion Toss: It can summon a goomba, koopa, shy guy, bob-omb, hammer bro, or a magikoopa.

Carry-able Block Toss: Kamek can summon a carry-able block - by accident of course. You can throw this or a bob-omb to Kamek to damage him.

6 hits knocks out Kamek.

World Fourteen Bosses
Reznor and Big Bully: There will be 100 Reznors to fight - no I'm not crazy. There are 5 on every wheel, making 20 wheels in all. Big Bully will just run around aimlessly and will eventually fall into a lava pit. Once every Reznor is down, you win the battle! To save time you can throw bob-ombs to destroy wheels.

Cosmic Mario: In the castle he will battle you. He has all of his attacks from before but requires twice the amount of hits. On the airship he will race you from the beginning of the airship to its end. He cheats using the easy way, though, and you need to set up blockades. Press switches and use boulders to help you block Cosmic Mario's path. At the end he'll explode to pieces upon losing his match. If he wins you are devoured in a world of darkness...

World Fifteen Bosses
Popple: He'll attempt to ram into you and will try to steal your coins. He can also throw bombs and toss bricks at you. He may be easy to hit, but it takes 16 to defeat the Shadow Thief.

General Scotch: He has all of his attacks from before except the floor lighting one, but now he is three times as fast and can now fire giant lasers from his new cannon.

Smithy: He can use the sledge, do Star Rain, hammer you, and use Mega Drain. He is able to be hit all the time until phase 2, which starts when half his HP is gone. He will then use a multitude of attacks depending on head shape. You can't damage him in his defense and chest forms but you can damage him in his attack and special attack forms. After many hits Smithy falls.

King Nabbit: King Nabbit has a L.O.A.D. of attacks. He can do all of Kamek's attacks with his scepter plus he has all of Scotch's attacks as well. He also has three of his own. He can fire rockets towards you, summon normal Nabbits to attack and can create earthquakes to defeat you. He takes 12 hits to defeat.

World Sixteen Bosses
King Nabbit: Same as before, but now he only requires 6 six hits to defeat and can no longer use Scotch's attacks.

Mega King Nabbit: THE FINAL BOSS! He has every attack he had before plus he now has like all of the boss' attacks. He can also do the mega punch, which is the only new move in the battle. After 50 blows he falls and is defeated - for good?

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