The Koopa Kingdom(now known as Dark Land) is a nation in the Mushroom World. It is a current threat to the Mushroom Kingdom with lots of wars against the Mushroom Kingdom. It's current ruler is King Bowser I.


The government of Dark Land has been and remains a monarchy. For many years it has been a nice peaceful monarchy but in 1963 after Kamek assassinated King Martin 8th, Queen Freda, and Price Robert I and blamed it on the Mushroom Kingdom, Kamek adopted Bowser and was called to be regent of the Kingdom until Bowser is old enough to rule. While Kamek ruled as regent for 20 years he had strict Totalitarian Dictatorial Government Control, and raised Taxes like crazy. After the Yoshi's Island incident of 1965, Kamek got angry at the Yoshi's and started passing discrimination laws against Yoshi's resulting in the Yoshi Revolutionary War for independence. When Bowser started rulig as King at age 20, he loosened the Dictatorship by reducing taxes, ending Totalitarian control, and having amusement and water parks built for his people.


Dark Land was once a nice Green Place called the Koopa Kingdom that looked Similar to the Mushroom Kingdom except with more Koopas. They actually used to be good allies. It's founding father was King Koopernicus in 1215 AD when it gained independence from the Bean Bean Kingdom. It was ruled by good monarchs for hundreds of years until the Dark Revolution of 1963.

Dark Revolution of 1963

In 1963 General Kamek assassinated King Martin 8th, Queen Freda, and Prince Robert I, and adopted Prince Robert II who was a baby at the time. He turned Prince Robert into a mutant fire breathing Dragon Koopa named Bowser.

List of monarchs

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