King Koopa in 1983

King Koopa was the evil King of the Kingdom of United Creatures from 1983 until his death in 1985. He was very distantly related to Bowser and also King K Rool. He was also Wart III's cousin and became the King of the KUC after Wart III's death in Rise of the Mushroom Kingdom since Wart III didn't have any offspring. He appeared as a villain in the Super Mario Bros Super Show.

Early Life

Koopa hatched on June 30, 1933. He was the son of Poopa La Koopa VIII and Koopisha. He was in the royal family of the KUC from his mother. He was also in the Royal Kremeling Family. Both families influenced him to be evil and to cheat and lie. From 1951 to 1955 he attended United Creatures University.

Rise To Power

King Koopa became the CEO of Koopa Auto Industries in 1955. After the death of his father in 1973, King Koopa succeeded his father as the Head of the Police Force. When Wart died in 1983, King Koopa became King of the KUC.


The Super Mario Bros Super Show

In the Super Mario Bros Super Show, King Koopa wanted revenge on the Mario Brother's. Prior to the Show, he made a pact with the Koopa Kingdom which allowed him to conquer half of the Mushroom Kingdom while the Koop Kingdom would conquer the other half. He kidnapped Princess Toadstool a lot and also sent many clones such as Blackbeard Koopa, Darth Koopa, and Al Koopone to help him with his evil plans. He even one time invaded Planet Luigini with a threat to blow up the planet, Emperor Luigini surrendered and Kimg Koopa became Emperor of the Luigini Empire until he was overthrown and the lions chased him out of the Empire through a Warp Pipe.

Super Mario Revelation

King Koopa is the main antagonist in Super Mario Revelation. He kidnapps Princess Toadstool as well as the King and Queen of Subcon. After the final battle he was defeated with GAME OVER! His twin brother Bowzor Koopa became the King of the KUC.

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