Kieran Upfold is the main character of the show TWLOKU and as such has to deal with reese cass and other horrible stuff but as such he leads his friend and fights for them.


Kieran is often known by the following characteristics:

  • Eating almost everything due to his pica disorder
  • Using the word sugar as a swear
  • Often fighting reese asks for "Revenge"
  • Finally,he plays a lot of video games
  • He has his own stand so you know your viably fucked when he's in your proximity,
  • Can weaponise almost anything and is the cause of the great ireland peanut butter crisis and by exstention the fallout new vegas incident.
  • Partly the reason why tommy his father hates on fallojt new vegas next to the fanbase which to quote tommy "A bunch of goddamn basement dwellers who eat shit."

Facts and feats gentlemen.

  • Has stayed ten titans
  • Has a Great Memory
  • Can speak some French
  • Murdered Donald trump
  • Saved the solanna galaxy
  • Seduced Daniel Aittahar
  • Lost a battle to Ellis Mills when he sat on his face
  • Practically quotes any song from memory.
  • Can transhorm into his true avatar form lord laharl when presented with a power glove which is a mjor source of his certain powers and lets him become an avatar by sheer willpower.

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