''DIAMONDS!!" -Kevano when he finds diamonds.

Kevano is a pirate and is lost brother of Kirby. He might appear in Kirby Double Trouble! He is a new Character in the Kirby franchise.  

When Kevano was born, he was sent to a planet far

away. He was sent because his planet got destroyed. He was sent to a planet full of pirates. That was when he found a Ruby Warp Star.After his landing,he did not know where he was.


Kevano,Kirby,and Katty were sent to different planets cause their home world exploded.Their mother was never known.

Their father (Kirboso) has survived the explosion. But he lost his foot to a giant ant-like monster.Kirboso has gained a metalic foot to replace it.Though not much was known about his life except his death when he was on a lavaland adventure,He got eaten by a four-headed dragon.Kiby defeatec


                                                                                                                         His brother, Kirby, has never met him before but might in his debut.


His sister,Katty, has never met him or Kirby but

has been sent down to Shiver Star.When she was their, she was so cold,she got ice powers.though she has and still lives with penguins.


Kevano has made his life inventing and swashbuckling. One day he found ruby  and made a Warp Star like Kirby's.Kevano lives on the planet,Ship Star.

His dream is to steal crystal and diamond. Once he does, he will control is warp star to go to faraway planets and find more stuff.

He invented a time machine but never used it before.

Kevano when he was born,has been sent to Ship Star.But he was supposed to be sent to Pop Star,but after their parents shot their kids(Kirby,Kevano,and Katty) to three different planets.


His personality is mean and happy. he gets mad when another pirate steals his stuff.Well he sometimes he is happy(mostly when stealing treasures and finding them).

Likes and Dislikes

Kevano likes all types of treasure.Kevano will like His brother Kirby when they meet.Kevano really likes his bestest friend,Jake the red yoshi.

Kevano really hates when pirates steal his stuff.Kevano also dislikes his inventions when the
y dont work out properly

How Jake and Kevano met

After Kevano landed on Ship Star, He noticed that he was on a sandy beach with a big moutain within it.He found a secret tunnel that went deep under ground.When he saw a dinosaur fighting a Gigantic scorpion,he asked if the dino needed help.he said sure and gave him a sword when he stunned the scorpion.Unfortuantly one of their eyes got ripped after the battle.And thats how they became partners/friends.

Kevano's Lucky Golden Sword

Kevano has lots of weapons to use in battle including his most powerful:Kevano's lucky Golden Sword.How he got this sword you may ask?Kevano one day was drying his oringinal sword(not golden sword)on a hot day.On the seashore,He saw a Golden Sword.He knew it was Jake the Red Hyperspeed Yoshi's,so he returned it.When Kevano returned it,Jake said he could have it.

Kevano's Weapons

Kevano's best two weapons are his golden sword and his gordo spike ball

Of course he has more,like his two sided iron axe,or his first weapon the white wipp.the wipp is has the shortest attack power,but still is a mighty weapon.the last weapon.

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