Kammy Koopa from Paper Mario

Kammy Koopa is the true main antagonist of the Mario Series. Her son Kamek is Bowser's chief advisor. Kammy is using Bowser for her sinister evil plans to conquer the universe. She is the Chieftain of the United Imperial Magikoopa Tribe.

Early Life

Kammy was born in 963 AD in the Mushroom Republic. She was part of the Kamyekno Tribe. In 1219 She married a criminal gang leader named Kamek Von Magikoopa I. Her husband and his gang was caught in 1220 and was executed. Kammy seeking revenge on the Mushrooms, influenced other Magikoopa's to have a rebellion against the Mushroom Republic by assasinating President Toadymyer. The new President Henry Toadswoth Jr stopped the rebellion and banished her and other Magikoopa's involved in the rebelion to the Deep Forest. There Kammy turned the forest into the creepy Forest of Illusion and unified many Magikoopa tribes into the United Imperial Magokoopa Tribe. Soon the egg of Kamek II hatched. She tried to get revenge on the Mushroom Republic but failed. So in 1973 when Mushroom World War I broke out, the UIMT joined the Axis Force.

More Coming Soon

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