J-Win is a fan character and a new character in the Metroid Universe 

J-Win, Sentinel of Aether
Current Age 18
Gender male
Species Human (Roughly 7% Luminoth)
Living Town Aether (9054 AD)
Class Warrior
Main Weapon(s) Dark Beam, Light Beam, Annihilator Beam
First Appearance Metroid: The Last of Them
Current Status(es) Good
Relative(s) U-Mos, I-Sha, A-Voq, O-Lir (Teachers).

Routus, Samantha, Selina, Repley (Rivals).

Voice Actor(s) Nolan North




Born in the distant future, little is known about the warrior known as J-Win before he arrived on Aether, the once-thriving home of the Luminoth. When he arrived, he found the planet deserted, the Luminoth long dead, but their ancient temples miraculously untouched.

Afterwards, he listened to the story of U-mos and the other Temple Sentinels of the twilight years of the universe, the extinction of the Luminoth, and their expressed hope that a warrior would take up the ways of the Luminoth and cleanse their temples on Aether. After a long time of thinking, J-Win resolved to fufill the wishes of the former, deciding later on to inject himself with Luminoth DNA.

Wielding their weapons and cleansing their temples, J-Win set about himself to defending his newfound home from any intrusion; he did an excellent job, too, as he nearly repelled all the hostile creatures far away from Aether's temples. But that would change following the arrival of Selina.

The Ing Reborn:







  • His existence is very lonely, due to the few species actually alive during this point in time.

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