Items are certians of plants or objects in a Question Mark Block that can change your apperance and skills.


Super Mushroom

A Mushroom that allows you to grow, giving you super strength and the abillity to take more damage.

One UP Mushroom

The Holy Mushroom of the Hidden Question Mark Blocks, granting you a extra life after death.

Mega Mushroom

This big Mushroom, has the ablility of turning a small Ant, to the size of a building!

Mini Mushroom

Our oppsite of the Mega Mushroom, turning things smaller to get into secret areas.


Fire Flower

Yes, a flower can allow you to burn enemies with your fireballs, by throwing them

Ice Flower

Another oppsite, this time on the Fire Flower. Turns enemies into Ice, allowing you to throw them or break them!

Lightning Flower

This Flower has a special abillity, allows you to throw lightning strikes at enemies, causing them to explode. But if they are powerful enough, it will only shock them.

Cloud Flower

What? A Flower that doesn't allow you to throw stuff?

A flower you use to create three clouds within the air.



The main invinciblity of your life, turning you in a rainbow of colours leaving you invunurble for a short amount of time!

Red Star

Allows you to turn into a flying star! Make your hands glow and fly off that building!

Three UP Moon

Your old One UP Mushroom times by three, but a MOON!

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