Griffin's Candy Shop is a hilarious inside joke and an NES game developed by Nintendo. It's based off the popular educational TV show Grliffions CAnDIE SHOUOUOUOUOOUOUOP.


This game was developed when the star of Grliffions CAnDIE SHOUOUOUOUOOUOUOP, Griffin, approached Nintendo and repeatedly stated "I hope you watch this video!". This was extremely inspirational to Shigeru Miyamoto, which inmediately slaved away on a dark basement with his trusty team of developers which had previously developed Super Mario Bros.

After several years of development, the game was finished, and shipped worldwide. It was a large success. So much so, that the game is now bundled with every Nintendo console to date.


The game plays like most Mario games at the time. You move with the D-Pad and jump with A. The only difference is that now the B button makes Griffin, the main character of the game, throw a piece of candy which instantly kills everything on screen. Including Griffin. It might not be that useful.

The game is a platformer, and you have to travel through several worlds, most of which are 1:1 carbon copies of previous Mario levels to save Princess Candy and defeat Candouser.



  • Nintendo considered renaming themselves "Ningriffin RAE" because of how popular the game was.
  • There has never been a sequel because such a masterpiece can't be matched by any attempts at reimagining it.
  • Miyamoto peed his pants and suffered a concussion while playtesting the beta of the game.
  • There are no ROM files of this game anywhere online because of the International Preservation of NES Griffin's Candy Shop Treaty.
    • However, as to allow future generations to enjoy this masterpiece, there's a Griffin Museum in every country in the world. It's an empty room with an NES on the center and the game.
  • If the game were to be stolen, the punishment for the criminal would be the complete removal of all extremities and begin thrown into a room with a rabid dog, as specified by the International Preservation of NES Griffin's Candy Shop Treaty.

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