Genwunners are the so-called Pokésnobs who believe that the very first generation of Pokémon is the only "true" Pokémon Generation out there, and complain how "stupid" the Pokémon from later generations look like, claiming that Game Freak has run out of ideas. Often, they haven't played any other game in the franchise than Red, Blue and/or Yellow, but that doesn't stop them from regarding themselves of a higher state than those "newgen plebs".

Generally, Genwunners only care about the appearance of Pokémon, and don't care about the Pokémon's stats, movepool and abilities as long as the Pokémon looks stupid. Their most common target for ridicule are those based on objects rather than animals (although those based on animals might appear too), and their most targeted Generation seems to be Number 5 is alive: Pokémon Black, White, Black 2 and White 2. The former two are known to only have new Pokémon in their Regional Dex.

You might rarely find an actual nice Genwunner whose opinions are actually rational, but Genwunners seem to be dicks way more often.

Known Targets

  • Vanillite, Vanillish and Vanilluxe: By far the most infamous Pokémon in the Genwunner's eyes. They mostly hate these Pokémon because "It's a f****ng ice cream". Despite that, they're actually icicles that resemble cones of ice cream, with the cones being the icicle itself, and the faced scoops a layer of snow.
  • Trubbish and Garbodor: The second most often Pokémon to be complained about, because they're garbage bags full of trash. When critiquing this Pokémon, Genwunners often forget that their precious generation has similar Pokémon based on waste, being Grimer and Muk.
  • Doublade: Despite being a sword, Honedge got praise most of the time. Its evolution, however, is claimed lazy because it resembles two Honedge pasted on each other
  • The Fairy Type: Generation 6 introduced this type to balance the metagame (by making Poison more useful and Dragon less OP). This type may get bashed upon because it's "100% girly" and tries to defy the MANLY Dragons.
  • Klefki: This Pokémon got so much hate that it almost surpasses Trubbish. Klefki can be describes as a ring of keys and is Steel/Fairy.
  • Lopunny: While not really complained about by Genwunners, there are some people that find Lopunny unsettling due to it being a rabbit with a woman's body, making it a literal Playboy bunny. Some also thought that it has breasts hidden under its arms.
  • Herdier: A particular person on the internet complained on how basic it was compared to the Pokémon of Gen 1, unknowingly spawning one of the most notable in-jokes in the board on which he posted.
  • Stunfisk: Often ridiculed about for its derpy face and it fart-noise cry.

Gen 1 Pokémon Used For Counter

Some of the first 151 Pokémon are just as lazy as the Pokémon above. Here are some most often used as counter-arguments.

  • Voltorb and Electrode: These Pokémon are spherical creatures that resemble Poké Balls and only seem to exist to fool people in finding a useful item. Most often brought up for its rather lazy design.
  • Grimer and Muk: As mentioned above, these are the chemical waste Pokémon of the 1st generation. Muk is a special offender because it resembles a bigger Grimer with a f****d up face.
  • Jynx: Most often brought up because, apart from the weird appearance, some racial controversies, as it was thought to be based on the rather racist act known as blackface.
  • Magneton and Dugtrio: Evolutions of Magnemite and Diglett, respectively. Each is literally their previous form times three.