Gardevoir is often known as the Waifu Pokémon, despite being categorized as the Embrace Pokémon instead. As you can see, Gardevoir appears to look like a slender lady with a cute face (even with something that is either a dress-like appendage, or an actual dress). This caught the attention of any male trainers and fans alike, resulting Gardevoir to be one of the most rule 34'd Pokémon ever (aside from Lopunny, Lucario, Zoroark and yes, even Charizard for some reason). Despite its appearance, Gardevoir can be both female and male. Though people like to forget that because of the existence of the male-only Gallade.

Gardevoir and its kin are often said to be the first successful human-like Pokémon, because its appearance is very pleasing (unlike those of Jynx and Mr. Mime), and is actually useful. Despite this, Alakazam existed since the very start, but apparently he doesn't count because he isn't waifu material (I mean, he's got a mustache). Another counter-argument why this statement is doubted is because many other humanoid Pokémon are formed within their own Egg Group (Human-Like), and surprisingly enough, Gardevoir is NOT in this egg group. Instead, it's in the Amorphous Egg Group, which is often the site of very abstract-looking Pokémon like Gengar or Muk.

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