GamingKid Super Ultra Revenge Edition Extreme Deluxe is a portable console. It is the third and hopefully final version of the world-famous Fantendo GamingKid.


The console, like it's predecessors, is shaped like a Gameboy. This time however, it was decided that there should be more buttons on the system so that it was even more compatible with games from various systems.

It has a backlit color screen, 69 GB of RAM and is compatible with all games from every console ever created.




Most critics just repeated their previous statements as to why this, like every GamingKid console, is a piece of shit. There's also this one that apologized for saying "demand" instead of "sue".


  • As an anti-piracy measure, the system checks that the first string of code of the game reads "COPYRIGHT GAMINGKID HAHA PENIS AHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAH". If it doesn't, then it will go Allahu Akbar and explode.
  • Only five units were ever produced. One of them is completely made of gold, and it doesn't work.
    • There's only two units remaining as three of them were burned on the middle of the street.
  • The reason the label "Fantendo" was removed from the console's name is that this console is an Original Craptendo Exclusive™.
  • The system isn't reccomended for people with trypophobia.

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