five nites ate STUPID is the third-and-a-halved game in the Five Nights at Freddy's series. The game features extensive StylisticSuck and very poorly done audio.



The "amatroniks", as the game refers to them, are the antagonists of the game. They try to stuff the player character into an amatronik suit because of faulty programming that makes them act STUPID, hence the title of the game.

Because of this, fans have speculated that the programmers were drunk. There has also been speculation that the in-universe programmers of the amatroniks were also drunk.

fazzy freedmean 
fazzy is the main character of five nites. He is an amatronik brown bear wearing a saggy purple top hat. Other than that, he is completely nude. The mascot of the "fazzy chez's" arcade/pizza-parlor chain, fazzy always likes a good song and dance.
chich is a chicken amatronik wearing a bib with the word "pIZA !" sloppily scrawled on it. He loves the taste of pizza and human flesh, and his beak is lined with teeth—goofy, rounded teeth, to be more descriptive.


fone gai 
The game's deuterogamist, fone gai introduces players to the plot and mechanics of the game. He calls the player on the fone at the beginning of each night, hence his name.

New mechanics

The radioh is a device that plays music, which would give the game a less faux-creepy atmosphere were it not completely faux-creepy itself. Often, the radioh will go flat, fade out to static, or switch to really creepy music or random upwards-glissando string accents. On top of that, all of the channels all play rather empty, tinny, and bitcrushy music anyway.
The nimkunto gambeoy is an old handheld that plays a variety of very strange minigames, much like the Death Minigames from previous entries in the series. Rarely, the gambeoy will become playable during normal gameplay; if played, the game in the handheld will appear to crash. And then gildon frazzy will jumpscare the player and maybe delete all five nites save data. Across all devices. Even ones that aren't yours. Thereby deleting everyone's saves. Ever.

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