Five Nights at the King's
I wonder what's for dinner?
Developer(s) Philips
Platform(s) CDI
Genre(s) Point and Click Horror Game

Five Nights at the King's is a horror video game, created by Philips and Nintendo. The game only had a demo, due to Philip's terrible games. The game's rom was dug up and lotsa unused spaghetti files was found.


At 12:00 AM the King was watching The Room, world's worst movie on the Xbox! He then says "I wonder what's for dinner". Luigi said that losta spaghetti is cooking. Mario says that his own Mom is getting cooked. Worst of all though is, the dinner is poison. When the King eat it... He vomited poop, pee, blood, random colors, cats, Waluigi, bones. The kingdom of High rule was shut down, due to God being high.

When the place was found out and discovered, by a Mexican. He should try to avoided by the scary ghosts or he will be scrubbing the floors of Hyrule.


  • Pewdiepie (Night Guard/ Mexican)
  • Phone Guy
  • Pewd's Mom (Marionette)

The King

120px-Harkinian (Faces of Evil)

The King is the main character and only moves on Night 3, 4, 5, 666.


Toon Mario

Mario wears overalls to not be stinky. He will shoot toast at times.

Mama Luigi

Mama Luigi

Mama Luigi is Yoshi's mom. He loves eating bagels and losta spaghetti.

Night 1 Phone guy call

Hello, how are you? Oh, I want to write the information that will help you to feel comfortable during the night or if I was actually working these positions. I was last week, now seriously. I know it can be a bit, but I'm here to tell you, don't worry. Ah, you must do it, we just need to focus on the end of the first week. Is it normal??

Ah, let me see, first of all, living in the first Hello, the company that I want to read. Well, this is a legal question, you know, well, Welcome to Hyrule, a magical place for high people, imagination and entertainment come to life. Hyrule the state party is not liable for any damage caused to property or person. If your bodily injury or death, this statement about the loss of human rights, it seems to be 90 days, or only on real estate, buildings, clean white carpet was replaced.

Blah-blah-blah-blah, maybe it seems bad, I know, but that really does not worry about it. Sit down, Pewds, here you come a little closer, I like looking at your face! No. If I was forced to read the same scripts over twenty years, never to take a shower? It's difficult, do not forget that these souls hold a special place in the minds of our Nintendo, and we need you to show them a little respect, isn't it? Everything will be okay

Now if the catch you... You'll have to scrub the floors of Hyrule.

Check the cameras blah blah blah, do I have to tell more?!

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