Do Not Edit And Delete! Fantendo East is a parody of the Pax East. It will be in New York City, New York.


In 2015, Fantendo founder Plumber said, I Like The Pax East. Let's Do A Fantendo East! Okay, I said. Then, The founder of Nintendo said, I will bring all my ideas to Japan. Then, More users like Lumoshi went to Japan and talked to the founder of Nintendo. Then the founder made the wish come true for Fantendo East!


2015: Outside the door before the event open, A picnic was going on. They had Gum, Apples, Grape, Hot Dogs, and Chips. When they cut the ribbon, Everybody ran into the first level.

2016: The event got more people this year. This year also had new and old video games as booths. New Stuff: Rides, Video Game Testing, and Crafts. More stuff came in 2017.

2017: More stuff come. New Things: Music, Rides and Games, and Snacks. There was more people than any other year at this one.

Then it goes on and on and on until Plumber is not alive anymore.


2015: Mario Kart XI, The Forest King, Paper Mario: The Dark Shine Tower, Peter Pika, Armiibo, Sable And Mable: Dream Team, Tragedy, Mario Kart: Mad Dash, Grand Theift Fazbear, Cube Hoppers, Nintendo V.S Capcom, Wii Sports U, Super Toad: Adventures In Time, Boom Boom Pow, and Peter Pika.

2016: Sonic Legends, Koopa Kart X Fighter Party, Mario Adventures, Lumoshi's Cookies, Mario Golf: Galaxy Tour, Mario Kart Blowout, Nintendo Land 3, Sonic Rush Saga, Sonic Generations 2, more soon!