This was originally made on Fantendo as a joke to make fun of something.
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Extreme Super Mario Bros: Brutal Finish is a Mario movie that came out on August 19, 20XX. It takes place at the end of the Mario games.


Mario and Peach are clebrating after Mario's recent rescue. They set up a marriage, but Bowser takes her three days before the marriage, Mario and Luigi go off to rescue her.

Mario and Luigi are doing fine until a Goomba mob sorrunds them, taking Mario to be stomped on. Luigi tries to rescue him, but a Goomba shoves him away, putting him in a coma. Mario is stomped on, but is still alive. He finds Luigi, and tries to find a 1-up for him.

At the Mushroom Kingdom, a group of Toads try to get over to Bowser's castle, but are brutally beaten into mushrooms by a koopling. He takes them onto his ship, but slips and the mushrooms fall. Mario takes one, and cures Luigi, but the Toads watch in horror and brutally beat him and Luigi.

Luigi and Mario wake up in the clouds, in which Luigi falls and dies. Mario jumps down and finds himself in front of Bowsers castle. He gets in, only to be slugged into the wall. He, barely breathing crawls under Bowser. With his last breaths, he pushes the button which opens a shredder that brutally kills Bowser. Mario passes out.

He wakes up in the hosiptal, and the wedding will have to be post-poned thanks to Mario's recovery. He and Peach get married and bury Luigi.

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