Doctor (aka Dr. or Doc) is a job that apparently everyone can have. A Doctor is usually a medical job, and for some reason, a lot of characters in media are dressed as such.

When a girl is dressed as a doctor, this is for some reason seen as sex appeal, but that doesn't mean they can't have a PhD.

List of doctors

  • Dr. Mario - Arguably the most famous example. Throws pills that cure chills and fevers, but is often seen as a quack.
  • Dr. Luigi - You'd think that Luigi would follow suit right after mario, but he only got his PhD in late 2013. Luigi throws pills in L-shaped packets.
  • Doctor Kirby - Kirby after possessing the Doctor copy ability. He throws pills and brews potions, but he also attacks with clipboards.
  • Pikachu PhD - Cosplay Pikachu readying herself for a Cleverness Contest Spectacular. Knows Electric Terrain.
  • Dr. Donkey Kong - Appears in the Donkey Kong Country TV series
  • Dr. Rottenstein - One of Robbie Rotten's many disguises. Definitely a quack.
  • Dr. Trixie - Trixie Tang was dressed as a doctor once during a Chip Skylark music video featuring Timmy Turner, who crushes on the girl. Her actual medical knowledge is unknown.
  • Dr. Doofenshmirtz - Not a medic, but he's often confused for a pharmacist anyway. He bought his PhD for five dollars.
  • Dr. Dedede - King Dedede was confused for Dr. Mario once.
  • Dr. Miles - Or Dr. Tails. He was a user on Fantendo.

Doctors we actually want

  • Dr. Waluigi
  • Dr. Flygon

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