Dark Land is Bowser's Kingdom. It has high volcanic activity. The Koopa Troopas and Goomba's live there.


After Bowser, the Koopa Troop, King Koopa (Super Mario Bros. Super Show!), and the Koopa Pack attempted to overthrow the Mushroom Kingdom's government in Super Mario Bros, The Super Mario Bros Super Show, and Super Mario 64 Princess Peach banished them to Dark Land. In the volcanic world Bowser and King Koopa made a deal and they formed two kingdoms. If you wan't to hear more about the kingdom King Koopa ruled until he died see Dark Land 2.


The government is an absolute monarchy and Bowser has complete power to declare whatever he want's.


The major economy of Dark Land is joining the Koopa Troop. 50% of the male citizens join Bowsers army. They import their food and drinks from Subcon. The 50% of the males that don't join the army and the females get jobs like maintaining the money and selling food, drinks, toys and clothes. Many of their products including toys are made in U.C. In fact they are labeled "Made in U.C".


Dark Land 2

Up until Super Mario RPG the quest of koopa Dark Land 1 and Dark Land 2 were allies. Dark Land 1's Koopa Troop often joined forces with Dark Land 2's Koopa Pack.

U.C. Empire

During the Mushroom Revolutionary War the Koopa Tribes and the Goomba's joined forces with the U.C army mainly because U.C treated them better. As I said earlier they get their food, drinks, clothing, toys, and other product from U.C.


Mushroom Kingdom

Because of treating them badly for years Dark Land and the Mushroom Kingdom are enemies. They compete with the Mushroom Kingdom in Sporting events. However Bowser has a crush on the Mushroom King's daughter Princess Peach so the grudge against the royal family is finally starting to settle down. However Peach doesn't like Bowser because he still is mean to the Mushroom People.

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