Contributions is a Choose Your Own Adventure story run by myself, aka InukaneYumiko, about aliens locked in intergalactic war. The story's plot will result from the community's decisions combined. Users may choose to participate in the story by choosing their race, side, and home and posting their choices as a comment. All participants must submit their statistics by 2:30 P.M. on Sunday, June 15th, 2014. That is when the story will begin and participating Users can move through the story together.


What is a character without a race? Nonexistent, that's for sure! There are quite a few races in Contributions, all with subheadings below: Hexipi, Energy Beings, Squara, Eeleons, Eevee, Spittles, Haruhi, Humans, Welli, Androids, Cursors, and Sprites. Each have their own abilities and setbacks.



A Hexipus is an alien with the upper body off a human, but with six laser-shooting tentacles for a lower body. Due to their ability to survive without air and their tentacles that let them swim through space, Hexipi can easily inhabit empty space - and often do. On top of this, Hexipi can shoot lasers out of their tentacles. However, a Hexipi's main weakness is extreme allergies to plant-based items. Those in this race that inhabit planets usually stay indoors. When a Hexipus dies, he/she will either stay dead or get rebuilt as an android.

Energy Being

These aliens are scientifically classified as non-living, although they definitely have thoughts and locomotion. This is because instead of having cells and DNA, Energy Beings are entirely made up of either light, energy, or both. Energy Beings have no true form, as they are able to shapeshift into many different things, but you can easily tell an Energy Being from a living creature due to the fact that you can reach your hand right through one. There are four main types of Energy Beings: color, dark, and phantom. An Energy Being cannot die of anything but old age, and when they die, they stay dead forever.

Color Energy Being

This type of Energy Being is made of energy and light. The color they can make with their light is determined in embryonic development. They stay that one color throughout their lives, which end at around 500 years. Like all Energy Beings, they have the ability to teleport and float. Though Color Energy Beings are the most common type of their race, they are the least powerful.

Dark Energy Being

These Energy Beings are unique because they are solely made of energy. Therefore, they can change their form all they want, but nobody will ever see them. They teleport at faster speeds than Color Energy Beings. Not only this, but Dark Energy Beings are able to become Phantom Energy Beings if they gather enough strength...

Phantom Energy Being

The last type of Energy Being is very unique because no Energy Beings are born Phantom; the only way to become a Phantom Energy Being is to be born a Dark Energy Being and gather a lot of strength. This type lives 1,000 years, which is twice as long as the other two types. They also gain light, which lets them form any color they want to. Not only can they teleport themselves, but they have the ability to teleport other things, living or not.



To become a strong member of this species requires teamwork! Every Squarum is born as three creatures in one, and they are very large and strong. Users who choose to play as Squara can either be very weak (playing on their own), somewhat strong (playing with another User), or very, very strong (playing with two other Users). When a Squarum is "killed", only one of its players will die, and the remaining User(s) will stay alive as a less powerful Squarum. If there is only one player in a Squarum and the Squarum is killed, the player is done playing and the Squarum is gone for good. This is a BAD choice for those who can't deal with teamwork.


This is much like a Squarum, except the Users that choose to play Eeleons work on their own. When an Eeleon takes a blow to a place other than their head, they loose a segment of their body. However, if a blow is taken to their head, they die. The good news is that Eeleons are coated in poison, and only other Eeleons can survive that poison.


Eevee are small, fox-like Pokemon that live in Pokeballs. They have a small variety of attacks at birth, but when the accquire the right items or circumstances, Eevee can evolve into one of their Eeveelutions. Users that choose to play as Eevee must choose an Eeveelution from below, or just say that they are non-evolved.


  • Vaporeon (Water, given Water Stone)
  • Jolteon (Lightning, given Thunder Stone)
  • Flareon (Fire, given Fire Stone)
  • Espeon (Psychic, high friendship at day)
  • Umbreon (Darkness, high friendship at night)
  • Leafeon (Grass, high friendship in mossy area)
  • Glaceon (Ice, high friendship in icy area)
  • Eonveon (Normal, given Shiny Stone)
  • Intoxeon (Poison, high friendship in Mentos area)
  • Anteneon (Bug, Big Stinger level-up)
  • Invinceon (Fighting, Focus Band level-up)
  • Spectreon (Ghost, high friendship in distorted area)
  • Pebbleon (Rock, Lagging Tail level-up)
  • Duneon (Sand, Soft Sand level-up)
  • Metaleon (Metal, sell Metal Coat)
  • Featheon (Flying, given Strato Sphere)
  • Scaleon (Dragon, given Rare Scale)
  • Mystreon (?????, holy event)


Spittles tend to be weak but charismatic. Young Spittles are known as Spittle Littles. They are pink and lack the ability to create and spit rocks. However, in adolescence, they become Spittle Whittles, who are purple and have glands that form rocks. Spittle Whittles are able to spit these rocks at their enemies (thus the name Spittle). Finally, middle-aged Spittle Whittles become Spittle Fiddles, whose rock-creation glands no longer produce rocks, but bombs. Opponents shouldn't worry about Spittle Littles or Spittle Whittles, but it can be harder to defeat a Spittle Fiddle. Spittles only live about 30 years.


Like the titular character of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Haruhi in Contribution have the ability to create entire alternate universes, and alter the very universe they live in. Though Haruhi originated from Pluto, there are about a thousand Haruhi on Earth. Some don't even know of their state as Haruhi! Haruhi are not to be messed with - upset them just a little and they could destroy the world. A Haruhi cannot be told from a human too easily if you and him/her were born in the same universe; Haruhi and humans look a lot alike. They have to same lifespan, too: approximately 90 years.


Pretty self-explanatory, considering you are one, right?


There are two types of Welli: Space Welli and Time Welli. Space Welli are stuck in the same flow of time as everyone else, but they can teleport anywhere in the universe, and other universes as well (mostly created by Haruhi). Time Welli are stuck in the same region of the universe as their friends, but they are able to travel throughout time. Think Doctor Who!


An Android is brought about one of two ways: either he/she dies and is rebuilt as an android, or he/she is originally crafted as an android. Either way, there are several types of androids, but the two most common are humanoids and Vocaloids. Yes, you can play a Vocaloid!! Just remember that after all the existing Vocaloids are taken, you'll have to make up your own.


Sorry, computer fans, this isn't the cursor for your mouse; it's a slimy being that places curses on people. They're color-coded, so that you know which curse they give. The curse is activated by touching the slime on a Cursor. Here is the color key:

Red = Gradual health drop

Blue = Sleep

Green = Slow

Yellow = Heavy

Gray = Teleport to your Hometown


Finally, here are the Sprites from Harvest Moon! They can teleport, and they are born with extreme skill in their category. Like the Cursors, Sprites are color-coded by their abilities, but Sprites don't hurt; they only help.

Red = Animal Care (collecting and shipping)

Orange = Lumber

Yellow = Animal Care (petting and feeding)

Green = Crop Care (harvesting)

Blue = Crop Care (watering)

Indigo = Fishing

Purple = Healing

White = Baby

Brown = Casino

Black = TV

If you choose to be a Brown Sprite, you must choose a game (existing or made-up). If you choose to be a Black Sprite, you must choose a subject for you TV channel, or an already-existing channel.


Remember, the aliens are at war! This is because they are in disagreement over the new intergalactic ruler. Shall their leader strive for equality or structure? Or will you not side at all?

Equality Side

If you choose to join this side of the war, you want the galaxy to get equal pay everywhere, and have everything planned out for everyone. You believe that if everyone is treated equally, whether or not they deserve it, peace will arrive for everyone.

Structure Side

If you choose to join this side of the war, you want the galaxy to get paid depending on how hard they work. Some families will be rich, while others will be poor. However, the top dogs will usually deserve their billions of dollars, and you believe this will lead to peace.


Neutral creatures aren't really on any side at all. They'll send goods to both sides, and they don't really care who wins. A subset of Neutral is Oblivious. Oblivious creatures have no idea about the war. A good example of Oblivion would be most creatures on Earth. However, half of the Neutral people know about the war, and are Neutral anyway.


As in home, I mean your home planet. You can live on any planet, asteroid, moon, satellite, or star in our Solar System. You can even choose to live in empty space (I wouldn't reccomend this unless you are an Energy Being or a Hexipus.)! Be creative!

To Submit:

Thank you for reading this long article. You're almost done! All you have to do to participate is comment your race, side, and home before 2:30 PM (1430 hours) on Sunday, June 15th, 2014. Later entries will not be accepted, though they will not be deleted, either. The story begins on the due date! Thank you!

~ InukaneYumiko

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