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Captain Toad: Booty Hunter is a puzzle game for the Nintendo Sexii. It involves the adventures of Captain Toad as he travels the world in search of top-class booty.


Captain Toad is horny.


The player uses the wii mote to control. This is useful because it requires only one hand.


Each level is centered around a character. There are 10 characters. Solve their quests and you will inch closer to getting their booty. And no, not treasure chests. The scenes of what happens once you complete all the quests are censored and replaced with ambient Peruvian pan flute music and some pretty pictures of flowers.

  1. Pauline
  2. Goombella
  3. Daisy
  4. Captain Syrup
  5. Birdo
  6. Rosalina
  7. Toadette
  8. Princess Peach
  9. Madame Flurrie (super mega hard level)
  10. SECRET


This song plays throughout the whole game.


The graphics are very graphic.


Art for Daisy and Rosalina are credited to here. I forgo where I found Princess Peach and to be honest I'd very much rather not go to that part of Google again. Should the creator be found, please comment and I'll credit them here.

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