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This is my romance fic to help me understand romance a bit more. Yay! So, I'll just say that Silver lives on Sonic's planet. Blaze lives on a planet I call the Sol Planet. So, yeah. Yay plot hole! Also, rings are currency, and I'll constantly be switching between Blaze and Silver's views.


"Big sister!" Ember had run over to Blaze's place in front of the master Sol Emerald.

"Ember, my duties are very important. I can't leave this position until the emerald is safe. And my powers of protection only work for a small time. So what is it?" Blaze's golden eyes were stony and she spoke in a very calm tone.

"Someone has sent you a letter. Don't worry, I didn't read it." Ember's lilac fur matched her sister's, but her golden eyes were playful and curious. She had on a small purple dress.

"Ember, go back to home. That is a command. I'll read this by myself." Blaze said in the same calm tone. Ember skipped back to Blaze's house. She read the letter, gasping when she saw who wrote it. It was fairly short, but it told Blaze a lot.

Dear Blaze,

I'm coming over to your planet tomorrow evening. Then we'll talk. I understand you are serious about your duties as protector of the Sol Emeralds. So meet me at the master emerald. I hope you're well.

From, Silver

"He's coming?! Tomorrow! Ember will certainly… What do I care about what my little sister thinks? I shall meet him tomorrow. I'll tell him about my offer as well… Ember is old enough. She is mature. I just hope mother will agree." Blaze said to herself. She noticed the sunset, so she put a protection of fire around the emerald and left for home.

"Blaze, this idea… Ember may not be ready." Blaze's mother looked unsure.

"I think she is. She needs to protect the emerald at one time or another. We are both princesses who have pyro kinetic powers."

"You weren't able to use them as well as you do now at her age." Blaze's mother's light blue fur prickled.

"Mom," Blaze put her hand on her mother's arm. "Please. I care for him and want to experience this." Sapphire looked at her daughter, and finally caved. "Fine. But because I love you, dear."

"Thank you! Thank you! I will make sure this trip is productive."

"If he says yes." Sapphire smiled and walked down the hallway, as everybody went to sleep.

The Next Evening

"Blaze, he'll be here soon." Ember had stayed with Blaze to see her for the last time. A white figure outlined in green appeared.

"Silver!" Blaze ran out to where he landed.

"It was a long flight over. Sorry." Silver took a breath as the green glow faded.

"No worries. Blaze was freaking out though. I'm Ember, second princess of the Sol Planet, little sister of Blaze and soon to be protector of the master Sol Emerald." Ember smiled then pushed Blaze toward Silver. Blaze blushed as red as her blazing form.

"Freaking out?" Silver gave a little uncomfortable smile.

"Um… Yeah." Blaze rubbed her arm.

"So… I came to check up on you. Maybe I could stay for a few days…" Silver said.

"Actually, that won't be necessary. I have a proposal for you. You see, I want to live on your planet. The arrangements have been made so that Ember will be the guardian of the emerald, and I was hoping to live at your place. If you know, you want to. I just wanted to live where you do. Without the responsibilities of a princess, I should have time on my hands. If you don't want too, that's okay." Blaze's voice dropped volume at that.

"Blaze… Of course! I know you…" Silver stopped talking as he eyes Ember who was smiling mischievously. "I know you always wanted to live a normal life for once, be you without the responsibilities. I'd love for you to stay over."

"Well, you should take her away now, before mother changes her mind. I think two lovebirds as yourselves should really get more alone time." Ember smiled before throwing a small protection flame around the master emerald. This action alone left her drained, but she still ran back to Blaze's house at full speed. To Blaze's surprise, Silver scooped up her bridal style as he started to levitate. She put her arms around his neck. Silver flew over Blaze's house. Sapphire and Ember waved to them as Silver left the atmosphere and quickly threw up a protective shield to keep in air.

"I have to say, your sister knows how to hit a nerve."

"She just is a little playful sometimes. She takes work seriously. Of course, you're something to take seriously." As she smiled, she screamed inside her head. "Why did I just say that, why did I just say that, why did I just say that?!"

"And you are too." Blaze took a moment to register what he was saying. She started to get a warm feeling inside of her. Even though it felt pleasant to her, her body temperature was starting to sky-rocket. Blaze opened one of her palms and saw a tiny flame. She immediately doused her flames, but there was still a warm feeling.

Silver's View

As soon as I landed I had seen my crush. She was a lot more comfortable than I felt. Her sister was cute, but not in a Blaze way. More like in a puppy way. I really hoped that I hadn't overdone anything. She was so warm, it was like sitting next to a fireplace. Then it started to get just a bit more than comfortable. "She's using her abilities without her knowledge." I thought. I felt guilty; I had no trouble showing off my psychic abilities, while she had trouble controlling them. I remembered when we were kids, and she was teased about her abilities. I just hoped she'dbe comfortable at my home planet. Suddenly her temperature dropped ten degrees.

"Blaze, are you okay?" I asked. I hoped she was.

"What!? Oh, I'm fine, yeah… Sorry, I was thinking."

"Oh, okay."

Blaze's View

"Sorry if my powers spiked. Sometimes that happens." I didn't mention it happens when my emotions get the better of me. I blushed then looked down.

"We're almost there. Don't move much, the pressure could be pretty dangerous if I let down the shield." Silver went faster and faster until we were nearly breaking the sound barrier. Finally, we landed safely on the ground. Silver set me down slowly, and I felt my ears pop.

"The difference in pressure might make you have a bit of a headache." He admitted.

"No worries, I'll be fine. Sorry about my power getting a little out of hand earlier, and I'm especially sorry if I hurt you."

"It's fine. Just warm. Not like I'm complaining or anything."

"I'm glad I haven't hurt you. So, we're going to your house right?"

"Yep. I hope you like it there, it'll be a bit smug with two people, but we'll work it out." Silver and Blaze walked to Silver's house. (His abilities were worn out from the trip) He had his bedroom, one guest room, a single bathroom, kitchen, and a living room with a wide-screen T.V.

"Smug? This is a fairly nice house for one person. How much did it cost?" Blaze looked around, trying to be polite, while at the same time being a little amazed.

"200,000 rings. It wasn't so hard to earn that much. I just had a job for a while. And it was discounted, since I helped a little. You know, psychic powers."

"200,000 rings? That's a bit much if you started out with only 1000 rings." Blaze said. She was smiling, but her head was yelling at her for being so dumb with words.

"It was easy. Just make sure you don't have any big spending plans that year." Silver pushed back his quills. "Why am I doing this. She doesn't want to hear about my personal budget." He thought.

"I'm tired, and I'm sure you are. Let's get some sleep. It's the middle of the night." Blaze said. She took her suitcase, (full of her coats, pants, an extra pair of shoes, rings, hygienic essentials, and a small package Ember and Sapphire had packed) and went into Silver's guest room.

Silver's Dream

As soon as I fell asleep I had a dream, and I knew I was a goner. There on a ledge, Blaze was in a purple, gauzy dress. She didn't look at me. I just stared. That cat was beautiful. From the ribbon holding up her ponytail, to her beautiful fur, she just about summed up my idea of Blaze at any time.

"Silver…" She said. She finally turned her head. Her golden eyes were beautiful. She was smiling, and my knees turned to jelly.

"Blaze, you, I, uhh…" I stuttered like an idiot as her gaze held me in my place. This must be what my psychic powers felt like. I was totally helpless against her beauty.

"Silver, I love yo-"A large beeping woke me up unpleasantly. My alarm clock seemed like the most inconvenient thing in the world right now. I shut it off and grumbled. The dream was the best I'd had in years. She was the prettiest thing in the world. I silently checked up on her in the guest room. She was sleeping peacefully. She was amazing, even in her sleep. She had a smile on her face. Her purple coat was still on, but she looked more amazing than ever.

Blaze's Dream

As soon as I fell asleep, I had a most pleasant dream. It unfortunately, turned into a nightmare. I was in a purple dress, with ribbons to hold up my ponytail. Silver was standing in front of me far out of my reach. I ran toward him, trying to tell him what I always wanted to tell him. He turned toward me, and his golden eyes were shining. I smiled, and I continued running. He was amazing. As soon as he was in arms reach, the flames rose in front of me. Silver yelled, "Blaze!" His voice lost in the smoke, I cried, and as every tear fell the fire grew. Finally, I stopped weeping and tried to go through the flames, to find Silver. But, they hurt, as if I wasn't immune to them. Then a deep voice, not unlike Mephhilis' talked.

"Do you not recognize these flames? They are yours. They are the flames that took Silver!" He sickeningly laughed as I fell on my knees. Then a voice woke me.

"Blaze, Blaze! Are you alright?" Silver asked. He had seen Blaze weeping in her sleep, and wanted to wake her.

"I'm fine. Just a bad dream." Bad dream didn't cut it, that was a nightmare.

"You sure? What was it about?" Silver saw my expression and felt guilty.

"Never mind, want some breakfast?"

Silver's View

Great. I have pleasant dreams while Blaze has unimaginable nightmares. Why do I have to be better than her? She'll think I'm selfish, while she wears hard burdens. Just great.

"This is great Silver; I didn't know you made such good muffins."

"You know, you want me to show you around my town. I live a mile north, but I still live in their district."

"That'll be fine. Just, stay clear of Northington." I shuddered. Everybody there still hated me, probably.

"Why?" Silver asked. His naïve nature amused me, but I decided to spill.

"When I was younger, I went to school there. My powers weren't in good control. Everybody called me a pyromaniac and I would get mad. One day, I accidently let my powers get out of hand. After that the teasing only got worse, and my powers got worse too. I had no friends, I had nobody. So, we moved back to our home, and I was homeschooled."

"Wow, I'm sorry Blaze, if I'd been there…"

"The past is the past. You can't do anything about it, even with chaos control."

"Yeah." Silver sighed. He wished he could. They picked at their breakfast. "Why don't we go to Sonic's place instead?"

"Sure. Does he live with Tails?"

"And Knuckles. They needed all of their salaries to buy that place." Silver gave an uncomfortable laugh.

"Let's go." Silver smiled. Blaze finally seemed comfortable since she woke up, but little did he know, that day was going to be a lot more fun for him and her than he was anticipating.

if anyone cares the fic is by PeaceLoveSonicandChao on
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