One day, Bowser was walking down the street, because he was away from his castle. Mario asked him, "Hey, Bowser, why are you driving my castle?" Then Luigi made a noise similar to the call of a Japanese feline. However, no one cared, because Mario ate a Super Mushroom and apparently saved Princess Peach. However, she was actually in another castle! Bowser was then at the castle as well, but it wasn't really Bowser. Consequently, Bowser was somehow still away from his castle. Then Mario went into his castle, and he passed away. Then he came back from the dead, yet he croaked once more. Mario then came back to Bowser and collected an unspecified object, causing Bowser to be vanquished. In the vicinity of the arena, something existed that was ostensibly the princess, but this so-called princess wasn't really the princess. And so, Mario traveled to another castle. However, it still wasn't Bowser; it still wasn't the princess; and Mario never found her.

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