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The Mighty and Fearless King Bowser Koopa!

Boswer Koopa (also known as King Koopa) is the main villain of the Super Mario series. He constantly kidnaps Princess Peach since Bowser likes to take over the Mushroom Kingdom and eventually marry his hostage. He also has a son named Bowser Jr. and another bunch of kids widely known as the Koopalings (even though it's rumored they aren't his biological children). It is unknown who their mother is.

Appearances in Other Media


Bowser, as portrayed in the DiC cartoons.

In the cartoons by DiC Entertainment (who merged with Cookie Jar Group, which was later bought by DHX Media), Bowser was portrayed differently, appearance-wise. Similar to the original sprite of the original Super Mario Bros. game, King Koopa's skin was instead of orange or yellow, just as green as his shell. He also sports a crown like King K. Rool, and just like the sprite, Koopa has no hair. King Koopa also has yellow, reptilian-like eyes.

The reason for this change is likely because of the resemblance to the sprites at the time. For example, in the same cartoons, Mario's overalls were red instead of blue an Peach (known as Princess Toadstool) was a brunette instead of a blonde. Both of these changes were also present in the sprites of Super Mario Bros. and Super Mario Bros. 2, which were Mario's latest games at the time of the debut of the first Mario Cartoon by DiC: The Super Mario Bros. Super Show. Another likely reason was because the villain of Super Mario Bros. 2, Wart, was also green, and also wore a crown. Both these aspects can be seen back in DiC's King Koopa. The fact that Wart was absent in the Super Mario Bros. Super Show, yet his minions were present, would support the fact that Wart and Bowser were merged into one character, but Bowser's old name, personality and silhouette took the majority of the character.

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