This was originally made on Fantendo as a joke to make fun of something.

Born for Badges is a 2015 action film centering on U.S. President Lumoshi in the year 2040, as he sets out to badge farm and save the U.S. from Jasper, but not all is as it seems. The movie has been praised as exhilirating and smart, but critics have cited the overuse of classical music as annoying.


In 2040 the United States have advanced significantly under the reign of Lumoshi, who has enacted the financial policy of Lumonism. He goes to sign a bill about making Badge Farming illegal. He then recalls his childhood life in Texas, where his family were Badge Farmers. Lumoshi can't bring himself to do it and shames the introducer of the bill, Jasper Wikispeed. Then, Lumoshi is mysteriously shot at. Lumoshi uses his Just the Start badge to block it. However, the incident has gone viral, and Jasper has disappeared.

Lumoshi uses his high tech tracking devices to track Jasper to his moon base. Although he can be teleported there, Lumoshi would not get as many Badges. Instead he goes on a cross country trip to Florida. Starting out, he is tracked by Jasper on his moon base. In the base, Jasper is spoken to by a mysterious hologram that ends his transmission with "Feels Good Man".


  • U.S. President Lumoshi: A working class hero who took over the U.S. and employs Lumonism. A badge farmer in childhood, he returns to his roots armed with explosives and firearms to save his homeland.
  • Jasper Wikispeed: A villainous memer looking to demote Lumoshi. He is the main antagonist, but there is another...
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  • Marina Chiko: An enemy of Lumoshi who despises Badge Farming, saves the U.S. in the end.



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