Look fellow citizens!  I can shoot lasers through my eyes, fly faster than Mach 1, create nuclear explosions and throw everyone in jail before your eyes can blink!
Bob, being the superhero he is

Bob the Superhero is an amazing character that is totally not a mary sue.  He is the kindest, roughest, strongest, weakest, ultimate, and most pathetic character around.  In fact, he's everything at once.  He can jump higher than Super Mario, go faster than Super Sonic, shoot beams better than Samus Aran, and be stronger than Super Macho Man.  He can throw everyone in jail quicker than the blink of an eye.


He looks exactly like Bob the Builder but with a superhero cape and Sonic's spines on the backside of him.  However, his face is like that of a troll face.


He's a strong yet weak character with a kind yet rough personality.  He cares for citizens and throws villains and criminals in jail instantly.  His cooking is the best among the world and he sells it for the great price of nothing.  Bob uses his powers when he needs them, such as using them to break cookie jars and to hypnotize people to marry him.


He has every power existant.  He doesn't need anything to use a certain power.  Bob can blow up the
universe, use nuclear explosions, shoot lasers from his eyes, and throw the sun at the moon for terrific results.  It's said that in the future, Bob is the god of all.

Most of these powers create extra problems, such as blowing up the ozone layer and making large sinkholes.

No Powers?

However, it's possible that he can't have any powers.  This happens 0.001% of the time, when he doesn't do anything for 96 hours.


Because Fandro likes to be an asshole, he has no weaknesses.  HA.


Obviously, he's a superhero.  He can fix plumbing problems, strangle tsunamis, toss hurricanes out of the Earth, eat tornadoes, and make earthquakes to counter earthquakes.  Bob also stops criminals by either stepping on them or by eating them whole.  Sometimes, "fixing" the world means creating more issues, like making earthquakes with magnitute of over 11.0.

Ridiculous Things

He has many ridiculous things.  Here is a list of them:

  • He only eats peanut butter if it was made from a peanut factory.
  • He'll only fix problems properly if he was given a trillion dollars.  Once he succeeds with it he'll buy a giant soda.
  • Bob will only work if there are problems.  If there are no problems, he'll make them.
  • He has to go to bed by 6:00 PM like he did when he was a child.
  • He wears sunglasses and does every annoying meme by 4:00 AM.  Everyone is woken up that way.
  • Dumbly, he's heterophobic and homophobic, which is nonsense because he has boyfriends and girlfriends.  So does he even know what the words mean?


Bob the Builder

They're brothers, and they kinda like each other.


Right now they're in training to give Bob the Superhero Giygas' powers.  Giygas didn't want to do this, but he was forced to, or else he'd get the Falcon Punch.

Troll Users

He's friends with TNG, UMG, and DevilX90.  Duh.

Girlfriends and Boyfriends

Bob is bisexual and marries every single man and woman even without their knowledge.  Everyone who marries him is hypnotized to do his work, which is lazy of him, but since this is a joke article that doesn't matter.


  • Who cares about trivia anymore.
  • He's not a Mary Sue.
  • This character is totally real.
Marry me!
Some woman, to Bob

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