Arend is a leader of a small resisting group, known as the Fantendavengers, after the evil Kyle "UMG" Harasser took over Fantendoland with his mighty forces, known as the Ultimate Gamers.

UMG's opinion about Arend

UMG thinks that Arend is an evil Neo Nazi who trolls, spams, and sockpuppets on Fantendoland. This is entirely false. UMG believes this just because Arend was the first guy that openly opposed him, since UMG made actual spammy revisions, claiming that King Koopa from the Super Mario DiC Entertainment cartoon series isn't Bowser, but his cousin. He believes this just because King Koopa had a different color, being all green rather than orange-yellow. However, King Koopa is Bowser, as King Koopa was Bowser's original name in the Original Super Mario Bros. King Koopa of the cartoons was green because Bowser's Super Mario Bros. sprite was green, and another villain, Wart was also green, and absent from the DiC cartoons, while his minions were. UMG also loathes Arend because Arend called him stupid, as UMG didn't know how to make a headline and Arend thought it should've been obvious. He later regretted that event a bit, but it was already too late: from that day on, UMG would always oppose Arend in any way, no matter what or how. No one would ever expect this persistence anyway.

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