Alex's Quest is a game based off of Alex Ember Koopa 09, who is now named Emerald the Dark Wolf. Its a platform game for her to become a known user on Fantendo. Many of the other users are in the game.



  • Emerald the Dark Wolf - The main protagonist of the game. Her main goal is for her to become a well known Fantendo user. She is preferred as Alex.
  • Lumoshi - Somewhat teams up with Alex in part 2.
  • Vonn Karma - Karma is playable after you battle Ice.



  • Timen - Someone Alex knows on Koopaling Wiki. He runs the Item Shop.
  • Supercoco142 - A friendly person who made Abel Koopa 3D. Coco runs the Life Shop.
  • Mattgamer03 - Another user who made an artwork for Abel Koopa. He is in the Minigame room.
  • TerrariaBoss - Someone Alex recently met. He gives items to Lumoshi
  • Tommy - Somewhat hates Alex a bit. He runs the Ally Shop.


  • Arend - He blocked Alex before. He is for some reason against Alex.
  • LegendaryIce - Somewhat added Alex to his company. He hates her too.
  • Exotoro - The true mastermind of the game. He is the final boss.
  • Angelic - An antagonist only seen on Mt. Fugi.


  • Hamclub13 - For some reason, Ham appears in Alex's hallucinations.


The Item Shop is where Alex starts her adventure. The shop is ran by Timen.

  • Fire Star - Makes Alex run faster, while Lumoshi and Karma summons volcanos.
  • Ice Star - A rare item that summons Ice's minions to attack enemies. This is used with Emerald, Lumoshi, and Karma.


  • Alex's House - Where Alex lives. This is where you begin in the beginning of the game
  • Mt. Everest - Where Alex meets LegendaryIce and Lumoshi.
  • Chile - Where Alex and Lumoshi meet Crimson and Karma.

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